VIENOVA Technology

Vienova was founded by senior professionals and educationists from leading corporations and educational institutions such as Mckinsey & Co, J P Morgan, IIT, ISB, and the University of Pennsylvania. Our company has representative offices across different countries, and comprises experienced professionals with advanced degrees in business and education.

Vienova provides a range of online education services to customers across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We demonstrably help students improve grades in schools and competitive exams within a short period, and in fact all our services come with a money back guarantee. We make virtual delivery of services to students a reality through the application of cutting-edge technology – our proprietary web enabled platform that provides simultaneous use of multiple communication channels such as audio, video, text and whiteboard. Every member of the Vienova team is virtually in the ‘nearest room’, ready and available to provide immediate assistance.

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