Tutor Rocket, Inc.

We are an online tutoring company located in Santa Monica, California.
Tutor Rocket began when one of our founders had a shift in focus that arrived along with a new bundle of joy in 2005. ‘I have always appreciated the value of education,’ says Ajay, ‘however, my new role as a father elevated that appreciation to a new level.’ The name Tutor Rocket was inspired by the passion for science and technology of another founder — Charles, ‘I was born in 1969 which was, of course, a very exciting year for human achievement as we landed men on the moon. The first Internet node was also launched in that year. I want the name of our company to inspire students to reach a whole new level with their education.’ said Charles.
The technology groundwork was set at that point with the joining of two dotcom industry veterans. However, the team was not complete until a friend and college professor named Harold came on board and provided the educational knowledge to get the company off the ground. Harold describes their initial business meetings: ‘After many late nights of white-boarding, inspired discussions, Monster energy drinks and tech talk, I felt like an honorary tech geek.’
Why Use Tutor Rocket?
* Inexpensive
* Tutors are available around the clock
* Students love learning online
* No need to travel means more time to learn
* Individualized tutoring plan customized for your child
* Recorded sessions allow the student to re-visit what they have learned

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