Tim Bodisco

Having completed degrees in Mathematics and Physics, and qualifications in IT, I offer something more than most tutors – currently doing research in Mechanical Engineering towards a Ph.D. I believe that to achieve well in any science, including Mathematics, it is vital that the content, and the fundamentals associated with the content, are thoroughly understood. With this in mind I like to take a conceptual approach with my students as opposed to just the regular rote learning of questions – although with some students this can prove to be the optimal method. An important aspect of highschool training is learning to problem solve and visualise basic problems, unfortunately this is an aspect often missed by many students; I endeavour to not only teach the students their current work but to also equip them with the skills necessary to achieve well on their own.

Outside of private tutoring I also have been working at Queensland University of Technology as a demonstrator/tutor/marker for the Physics faculty for the previous 3 semesters. This experience has not only given me invaluable experience in terms of teaching but it also places me in the position of knowing exactly what is expected of students when they reach university to study science or Engineering. Many students have also found my experience useful when selecting prospective study options – I often mentor grade 12 students on their tertiary study options.

Additional to teaching science I also teach Drums. I have been playing drums since I was eight years old, in this time I have done extensive touring, recording and session work. I have performed to crowds as large as 10,000 and have supported international and national acts. Also, I have worked for Forte School of Music as a teacher in the past and have also had many private students. Although with teaching music I do expect a large amount of commitment and daily practice.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of what I offer as a tutor please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tim Bodisco  B.Math, G.Cert.IT, M.App.Sci

0412 817 032


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