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The Centre, Farnham Road, Slough, SL1 4UT

11 + Study programmes for Yr 4 & 5

Structured 11 plus courses for nearing examination in

·          Verbal

·          Math’s 

 ·          Non Verbal Reasoning.

Key Stage 2 SAT’s courses for Yr 6 & 7 (Ages 7-11)

The objective of tuition offered at this level is to enable your child to build in 

·          Math’s

·          Science

·          English ready to take the challenge of secondary education.

Key Stage 3 SATS courses for Yr 8 & 9 (Ages 11-14)

Key Stage 3 is the first three years of secondary education. It ends with the Nationwide SATs examinations that are an important precursor to the GCSE’s.  At this level, we offer a range of lessons in Math’s, Science & English, and this course culminates towards more successful GCSE grades, and hopefully, higher educational aspirations.

Key Stage 4 GCSE study programmes (Ages 14-16) 

This is it! Your child is either just about to start, or are part way through their GCSEs. Individual Structured GCSE Courses your course can be in Mathematics, Science, English or ICT only or a combination of the four. Just let us know. 

If you would like to provide your child the best and most structured private tuition available contact us today, we will be happy to answer your questions.  


07767072113 OR 07767072114


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27 Responses to “The Success Centre”

  1. Anagha

    Sucess centre
    I am student of the success centre,I started in year 4 for my 11 plus tuition.I am now in year seven at Heschel Grammar school in slough. Since then the success centre has helped me soooo much. They helped me for my verbal, nonverbal and maths tests. They are an excellent tuition. I have benn to several other tuitions and they did not give me the help in needed. The success centre staff are very helpful and freindly. They will help you no mattter what.

    So if you need a tuition I say you go to The success centre.

  2. Joanne Smith

    11 Tuition Lessons
    My daughter attended the success centre for 3 months prior to taking her 11 examination for Herschel Grammar School in 2007. Sadly we only found out about the success centre’s services a very short while before her 11 examination. The level of teaching was off outstanding quality , with extremely friendly staff, and a very encouraging environment. Our whole experiance from start to end was a very pleasent one. I never thought I’d hear my child say tuition was fun! In just 3 months of work Joanne exceled at both schoool and her confidence grew dramatically. I would highly recommend The Success Centre for any parent looking for extra support for their child.

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