The San Diego Math Tutor

Mathematics was my favorite subject since third grade, when I fully understood fractions and why their operation rules work.

At school my grades were always among the highest in the class, since first grade all the way through my graduate program.

I graduated from the Mexican Autonomous National University (UNAM) in Mexico City, the largest university in Latin America.

My degrees are Master of Science (MS) in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mathematics.

I came to San Diego in February of 1999. I became an American citizen in May of 2008.

Private tutoring is the kind of teaching I enjoy best, because working with one student at a time or small groups is a better dynamic for me than handling the inevitable confusion and discipline issues that arise in large groups. Also in individual sessions the student gets much better results. It is amazing the difference undivided professional attention can make for their understanding and progress.

My skill to help students during one-to-one sessions rests mainly on two pillars. The first one is all the experience I gained while teaching large groups in the classroom and grading their homework and exams. The second pillar is my natural ability to listen to them, understand their questions and place myself into their shoes, looking at a mathematical problem the exact same way they are looking at it.

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