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 Parent Testimonials These are just some comments from parents of children who already attend: “After one terms’ attendance, our sons’ writing has improved ten-fold and he is even joining up! The teaching is tailored to suit his requirements and the regular homework reinforces his learning.  The Centre has already proved its worth to my family and we will continue to watch our son go from strength to strength”.Mrs Anson “I am extremely happy with my son’s Maths tuition.  The small classes and the personalised attention have greatly improved his confidence and ability”.Mrs Lai “I am thrilled that our daughter has progressed by two whole levels in English.  Her school teacher said she has now graded her as a 3A since the last parent meeting.  The credit must go to The Learning Centre. You have created a friendly, calm, clean and relaxed study environment which gives the children confidence.”Mr & Mrs Khosla “We are delighted with the excellent teacher and we are very pleased with the progress our daughter has made in Maths in such a short space of time.”Mrs Fallon “Thank you for the learning our son has achieved. His lessons at The Learning Centre were crucial to his exam success and entry to St Columba’s.  For my part, the detailed feedback you gave me at the end of each class was priceless”.Mrs Palmer “Thank you for the excellent work your teachers are doing with my son.  His confidence has increased considerably and he enjoys his lessons, especially his Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  My sincere gratitude to you all”.  
Mrs da Rocha-Afodu & Family “My husband and I could not be happier with our sons’ progress.  We needed a teacher at short notice to prepare him for a new private school.  The Learning Centre started him off immediately and within a few weeks the improvements were plain to see.  Our son is now above and beyond what is expected of him at school.  He has exceeded our expectations and we are very proud.”Mr & Mrs Demetriou “The Learning Centre’s small-group teaching is more motivating for our son than one-on-one tuition and the thorough feedback after each session is great, enabling us to support him at home.  The Learning Centre team teaches well, they listen and communicate effectively with parents.”Mr & Mrs Keen “We are very pleased with the tutoring both of our sons receive in English and Maths.  They are more confident and have a better understanding”.Mr Figarazzi “My son’s attendance of The Learning Centre is the best investment I ever made and worth every penny.  His rapid improvement after attending a few lessons was clear to see in his school work.  He now enjoys Maths and is applying it to daily activities, such as shopping.”Mrs D Onyango “My daughter’s reading, writing and concentration have greatly improved since she started attending The Learning Centre.  The extra lessons are fun and enjoyable. I am amazed at how excited she is about completing her weekly homework which helps to reinforce what was learnt in class.”Mr D Philiastides “My son is now in the top Maths group in his school as a result of his enjoyment in attending The Learning Centre.  I am very happy with the teacher because she is highly experienced and understands the needs of my child”.Mrs Jonah “My son was due to sit the Higher Level GCSE Maths paper a year early but had been studying the Intermediate syllabus at school. His tutor at The Learning Centre quickly assessed his needs and prepared a plan that filled the gaps which enabled him to achieve a grade B at Higher Level GCSE Maths at age 15. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at The Learning Centre and found everyone approachable and encouraging”.
Ms C Stewart “The highly qualified and experienced team quickly assessed our child’s needs and focussed on boosting his performance. He would have found it difficult to sit the entrance exams without the support and instilling of confidence. The quality of service provided by The Learning Centre has been such that we have enrolled our second child to ensure she is well prepared for her future exams.”Mr & Mrs Bhimani  


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