The 11+ Achievers Club

  • The 11+ Achievers Club (part of The Exam Academy) is a specialist weekend exam club which focuses not only on providing high quality tuition in our core subjects (maths, English, verbal reasoning & non-verbal reasoning) but also exam techniques.  
  • Our students are taught in small groups (maximum of 7) according to their ability after an initial assessment is carried out.
  • In class they're taught to do classwork to ensure understanding of the subject matter and have homework given every week.
  • All students have access to an online database of over 13,000 practise questions thereby a unique way to maximise the value we provide students preparing for the eleven plus exam. Every week the club will ensure parents know where their child is strong, where they have room for improvement and how they compare to students examining for their preferred school and on a regional and national basis.
  • As the 11+ process can be quite daunting and sometimes overwhelming, we provide support not only for our students but also for our parents.
  • Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information and references from some our many satisfied customers.
  • All our tutors are CRB checked.

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