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I am a private tutor working across Manchester. I am a qualified and police checked teacher experienced in whole class and one-to-one teaching. I am also a member of The Association of Tutors.

As well as 11+ tuition, I cover all core curriculum subjects at primary level, special needs literacy and numeracy work at secondary level and maths and science up to GCSE.
My teaching is individually tailored to each student, is flexible and imaginative and aims to build a student's confidence.

I have proven success in helping many students, both with entry examinations and in overcoming specific difficulties.


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  1. Mum

    What more could a parent ask for!
    What more could a parent ask for!
    Sarah began working with my 9 year old daughter initially to support her in preparation for 11 plus exams. Unfortunately, Francesca had had a couple of extra lessons through her school and this had resulted in her being very demoralised and upset as she had just been given past papers and essentially told to get on with it. The net result of this was that she couldn’t do the questions, as she had never seen them before, and became very upset. When I employed Sarah, my motivation was not to get Francesca through her 11 plus, but to give her back her confidence and assist her to feel that she could if she chose to, take the exam and do her best.
    What has impressed me most about Sarah’s teaching is that she has sought to really get to know Francesca and has built a really fantastic relationship with her, which is not the norm. I know many other parents who have employed private tutors and none of them have had this level of positive experience.
    The outcome of this is that Francesca has survived the 11 plus system and will start at a grammar school this September.
    We made the decision post the 11 plus to retain Sarah as Francesca needed support to make a smooth transition. This support has been invaluable and we have watched Francesca blossom into a confident and once again happy child who is so looking forward now to moving on to her next challenge.
    I would thouroughly recommend Sarah as at tutor and would encourage anybody who wants their child to with confidence reach their full potential to employ her.

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