Rivertown Painter’s Studio

I am a figurative painter, doing landscapes, street scenes and portraits in oils and oil pastels.  My style is influenced by French Impressionism and other artists with compatible styles such as Vermeer, Chase, Sargent and Hopper.  I have sold many paintings from my own studio/gallery and also do commissions (paintings made to order.)


I am a member of the Artists Roster of the Westchester Arts Council, which lists artists that the Arts Council's  panel has judged to be qualified to teach.  I have taught independently for the past 5 years, with students of all ages.  I have received grants in three of the past four years from the Westchester Arts Council for teaching art workshops.


I have some students in classroom groups at Neighborhood House, near the library in Tarrytown, and I have other students come singly to my studio in the heart of Tarrytown (one block east of the Tarrytown Music Hall.) 


My hours are usually afternoons and early evenings.  I ask $30 per person per class for group lessons and $60 for private lessons.  I am considering an at-your-home service for children in the local area for $75 per session.  Classes are 1-2 hours depending on the age of the student (adults have 2-hour classes, but young children may not want to work for more than one hour.)  You may use oil paints, acrylics, watercolors or pastels (soft or oil pastels.)  I do not provide materials.


I use Adobe Photoshop extensively in photographing my own art and making photographs for paintings which can't be done on location or which include people who won't pose for a long period of time.  I offer lessons in Photoshop at the same rates as Painting and Drawing classes.


I love sharing the excitement of making art and I love it when people tell me that learning to create art has helped them cope with the stresses of life.  To me the best art, though it may sometimes have a serious undertone, is life-affirming and overall positive.


My work and more background information can be seen on www.rivertownpainter.com.

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