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I am an experienced tutor providing online tuition in Mathematics and Physics for the students from Grade 9 to Grade 12.Flexible timings and reasonable rates.
I use a broadband internet connection, Headset, Mic and Pen tablet(digital white board) for tutoring purpose.

For more details visit www.rambabu.co.nr

If you are interested reply to jrambabu007@gmail.com.

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    Online Mathematics and Physics tuition for Class IX to Class XII CBSE, ICSE and Other International Boards


    Qualifications : MBA, BSc, DPTech and PGDCA

    Web Site : http://www.rambabu.co.nr
    Email: jrambabu007@gmail.com , jrambabu007@hotmail.com
    Phone No. 919246154203

    • Conducting online tuitions from India using broadband, Digital Pad with Pen, Web Cam, Ear Phone and Mic. with my desktop sharing at remote side.

    • Specialized in Mathematics and Physics for Class 10 to Class 12.

    • Skills in analyzing and resolving problems related to various mathematical levels.

    • Using advance mathematical tools to solve the problem for easy understand of students.

    • Conducting on line mathematic test for competitive and class examinations

    • Sincere, honest, patient, optimist and cheerful in all situations.

    • Maintains Good Interpersonal Relationship with students.

    • Fond of challenging Works.

    • I had personally designed web page to help my students.

    • Highly online reliable tutor.

    • I maintain online yahoo groups to provide lecture notes and other materials requested by my students.

    • Very much comfortable with PowerPoint presentations.

    • Teach 2 - 3 hours a day

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