Ms. Lauren Hanna

My name is Lauren. I am going into my second year at California State University Northridge, but I am a junior. I was able to skip my entire freshman year due to taking a lot of advanced placement tests and testing out of my first year of music. I am a Music Composition major, but I am unofficially double majoring in Media Composition (CSUN won’t let students double major in the same department). I have been playing piano for eleven years now and play everything from jazz to classical, rock to ragtime, and pop to showtunes. I have also sang for thirteen years and was classically trained, but i sing a wide variety of genres. I received the highest grade in both music theory classes I took last year and was one of the top students in ear training. In regards to composition, I recently was privileged enough to have one of my orchestra pieces be performed for an audience of 200 at a concert at CSUN. I have also just finished scoring (writing music for) a pilot of a comedy show which has been pitched to Comedy Central. As you can tell music is a major part of my life. I have taught people in the past, mostly friends and family, but now I am moving to the Northridge area and would like the chance to teach others in that area.

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