Ms. H. D. Jennings

Heather Dea Jennings currently lives in Albuquerque, NM, temporarily taking a break from her usual activities in NE coastal Brazil where she is a university music professor, wife, mom (and so much more! :-).

Born in Virgina, USA, Heather was soon moved to the Colorado area, and grew up in the Rocky Mountains. She studied Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, composition at CalArts (where she, due to circumstances beyond her control, i. e. LOVE 🙂 she did not finish her studies) and got her M. A. in Music Composition at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. After graduation, she soon moved to Brazil with her husband, Gandhi. Heather also studied North Indian Hindustani Classical Music (Khyal) for many years, starting after she graduated from Berklee, and she spent three intense months studying with Pt. Gurujee S. R. Devasthali, and in the U. S. studied with other teachers as well, namely, Warren Senders and Kalpana Mazumdar. She also studied South Indian Karnatic music with T. Viswanathan during her time at Wesleyan. Heather’s other main professores have been: Composition: Richard Boulanger at Berklee, David Rosenboom and Leo Wadada Smith at CalArts, Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivela and Anthony Braxton at Wesleyan. Voice: Suzan Stroud at Berklee (they were both students at the time), Priscilla Gale at Wesleyan, Elke Beatriz Rieden (UFRN) while Heather was living in Natal, and currently with Fátima de Britto at UFAL. Flute: Paul Wagner at Berklee, T. Viswanathan at Wesleyan, Edvaldo Gomes (Uruba) at UFAL, and a master class with Alexa Still.

Heather is a composer, flute player, and singer of a very eclectic body of music. She goes with her whim, explores the possiblities, and moves on, sometimes in a totally different musical direction.

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