Ms. April Holmes

Being a tutor is a very fulfilling and worthwhile job. I enjoy working with children and young adults and I like to experience their excitement and satisfaction when they grasp a topic. When I was in school I was always fortunate to be able to obtain help when needed. It can be very frustrating and damaging to a persons self esteem to be unable to understand a topic so I would like to help making the learning process easier. The academic world can be very challenging but speaking from personal experience it is also a vital part of life. Lessons that are learned while in school can be used throughout their life. It is important to establish a solid foundation for learning excellence so that this same determination can be continued throughout life. There are many experiences unrelated to school such as a new job that require the same dedication and determination. Helping a student to build a strong foundation and helping them overcome any learning bumps in the road can help them be more confident and successful throughout their entire learning experience. Whenever I undertake a project or job I try to make sure that I make a lasting impression. My performance is a reflection of me. If I am performing a duty it is important to me that I leave my employer completely satisfied and that he or she knows that they can always count on me to do a good job. I take any and every project seriously and I will always give one hundred percent.

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