Mr. William Stern

Hello! I’m a UC Berkeley graduate who grew up in West L.A. I can help you with your French, from basic all the way to conversational skills. I’m currently a 5th grade teacher in a high-performing westside elementary school, where one of my side-jobs is helping manage our Macintosh network, and I have experience helping kids with their schoolwork, and tutoring both kids and adults in the use of computers.
I can help you become more efficient and comfortable on your Macintosh computer, teach you how to sell or buy on eBay, and demystify many computer programs for you.
In my spare time (which isn’t plentiful, thanks to my infant daughter, my wife and dogs!), I play the drums and write short stories. We also facilitate a social support group for the hard of hearing.
I’m friendly, reliable, and conscientious.
Kind regards,
William Stern

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