Mike Walsh

A private tutor can provide you with the motivation to succeed in mathematics and statistics. If you’re set back by the content of the course or simply need someone to explain how it all relates to the real world, this is where I come in. As a tutor for over 5 years I have worked with students that had math learning disabilities and through my experience I become very versatile in explaining the concepts. Most importantly, the main goal behind the tutoring sessions is to improve the student’s approach and way of thinking when working with the problems. If you or your student are having difficulties grasping the concepts in math or statistics classes, contact me. I help student improve their understanding of the material and help them to become independent learners. I break each concept down into simple easy to understand elements and present explanations in step by step format. My sessions are focused on showing you how to simplify the process with strategic approaches for each concept/problem type.

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