Joe makes himself available for both e-mail and telephone tutoring when either geography or location limits him from one-on-one private tutoring. Joe has in-depth experience in working with people on the telephone, and in conjunction with math online tutoring, can remedy most problems as though he were physically in the presence of the student. With email tutoring, he can respond to most requests within 24 hours. Through the use of the computer, email, and the telephone, Joe can become a “virtual” tutor, available to students regardless of locale. This service can serve as an excellent adjunct to the homeschool mom or dad who needs assistance in helping to explain those pesky math problems to their son or daughter.

Rates will vary from $50-75 per hour of online tutoring depending on the subject matter, and these rates will be allocated to 15-minute time intervals. Online math tutoring is a great way to get Joe into your house without having to travel far.

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