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Nora Mantell, M. Ed., is the owner, creator and director of Lexington Tutoring, LLC which began in Lexington, Massachusetts in 2003. She is responsible for Lexington Tutoring, LLC’s inner workings: matching students with tutors, preparing our custom learning games (which provide creative test and quiz prep.), putting together plans for our students which are then implemented by one of our tutors, running the marketing, advertising and billing, and consulting with our tutors to facilitate delivery of our services. Nora can be reached directly at 781-652-9649.

Nora is currently telecommuting to our virtual office in Lexington, Massachusetts (our website) from Ascot, a small town near Windsor Castle in the London suburbs. There, her husband, a sleep scientist and devilishly adept Scrabble player, is engaged in an innovative drug-discovery project and their two cats, Wolfie and Moxie are engaged in studying the permutations of cat naps.

Nora is a Massachusetts-certified Language Arts teacher with 34+ years of experience teaching high school and business college English, social studies, science, psychology, SAT prep, computer skills, telecommunication and English as a second language. She has a knack for narrowing in on problem areas, presenting the material in a relaxed, understandable manner and helping her tutors to prepare their students to become more confident in their abilities, eventually eliminating the need for future tutoring. Under Nora’s guidance, Lexington Tutoring, LLC has served students from almost all of the public and private K-12 schools in Metro West and many of the schools in Metro North and the Greater Boston area.

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