I am a lecturer in one of The Skin Academy in Western Australia and also PIBT- Edith Cowan
University. Graduated as a Master of Biomedical and Advanced of Dermal Plastic Surgery
equipped me with all the skills needed for me to deliver knowledge to my students.

My Teaching Qualifications and experience equipped me to deal with all of my students enquires
regarding their subjects in school ( Especially Maths and Science). I had 9 years experience to be
a tutor (Group and Private Tutoring).Dealing with sunday school children and teenagers in church
made me able to communicate very well with all of my students.

As a Beauty Consultant in the International Company, i am able to teach my students and relate all
of my teaching subjects to real life experience. Moreover, pursuing my PhD, it drive me to be more
involve in teaching industry either government or private studies.

Worksheet and notes are all prepared and available. The School Textbooks are also available
( Maths of WA or Maths Quest for Mathematics and Science).

If you are having problems with multiple subjects, I am also able to teach the subjects within the
same tuition slot ( No Charge – FREE).

All my students have been able to make great improvements in their studies ( I believe that you will
experience the same results too).

Feel free to contact me for further discussions!

My Mobile: 0422 027 252
Email: selfy_ursula@yahoo.com or s3lfy@hotmail.com
My Motto " Education For A Better Future"

( Improvements – Guarantee)


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