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Hola! Bonjour! Ni hao! Konnichiwa! Welcome to Language Door! You can learn and use Chinese, French and Spanish as well as over 25 other foreign languages at our language schools in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, California.
Adult language learning requires small class sizes and interaction to be effective. Our classes only have 2 to 8 students, and an average of only 4 students per group! Our team of instructors combines rich educational and linguistic backgrounds and interests. All instructors are native speakers or speak with native-level proficiency. They are carefully selected for communicative skills, talent, and enthusiasm to share their language.

Language Door offers different programs that are designed to meet every student's needs: weekly classes, immersion classes, crash courses, corporate classes, ESL and kids classes. For more information on our language programs, please visit our website at

Learn a language today, open the door to tomorrow!

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