Junior Artists Studio

I offer Art and Crafts lessons for Kids in home at San Mateo. Classes are held twice weekly at $10 per session of one and half hour.Class is limited to 4 kids per session for individual attention. Lessons available in English and Hindi.

As a crafter, your child will no doubt derive a great deal of pleasure from creating something beautiful with her own hands. Whether his specialty is painting and decorating, stenciling, sewing and knitting, floral arranging, scrapbooking,  pottery ceramics, or something else entirely, be ready for hours of fun with our educational arts and crafts for kids! Craft, finger-paints, fabric art, drawing, Painting, pot designing, flower making are just some of the ways kids explore their artistic interests. Keep their expressions flowing Junior Artist Art and Crafts Studio in San Mateo.

Great way exlpore the artistic side of your kid. If you think your child has a spark of creativity then bring him in. For a trial basis I offer the materials required so that you don't waste your money before knowing your child's interest

Courses Offered

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Henna/ Tatto Designing
  • Flower Making
  • Flower Pot Decoration
  • Basic knitting
  • Craft Project
  • Jwellery Making
  • Greeting Cards

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