First Class Learning Weybridge

Weybridge First Class Learning Centre supports children and adults in the local community with both maths and English tuition.

Students of all ages attend our study centre at St James Parish Centre in KT13. We cater for learners from Early Years and primary through to GCSE and adult students.

Our expert tutors support your child’s learning in maths, English or both subjects together in order to help with their school studies, build confidence and develop independent learning skills.

Our English and maths programmes are tailored to learners’ individual needs so students move on only when they are confident with a topic. At First Class Learning we believe in 1% steps to 100% success.

First Class Learning (FCL) offers a programme of study which is based around the UK National School Curriculum. It builds on, cements and consolidates the skills acquired at school, so allowing your child to demonstrate competence in those areas when tested throughout their school life. This in turn develops confidence, encourages enjoyment in learning and naturally instils good study habits.

The FCL programme is a structured yet flexible programme, tailored to each child’s learning needs and style, and without this individualised approach your child may not necessarily achieve their full potential. Every child differs in their pace and method of learning, hence the FCL programme taps into this, enabling your child to gain maximum benefit whatever their ability. 

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  • : Bhavini Patel
  • : 07724 924256
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    English and Maths for KS1 through to GCSE

  • : Weybridge
  • : Surrey

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