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I am the CEO and I am also a xtutor. We serve so many clients that I must tutor many times a week myself. During the day, I am a high school math and science teacher. Although, my true love is teaching computer science. I am certified to teach math, biology, chemistry, and physics. My background include a MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a MS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. You can be assured that I do not operate a business where I sit around and send college students to tutor your son and daughter. Our xtutors are certified and they have great expertise in the subject they tutor. I take great pride in what we do. Pick up the phone and call 412-657-1544 to schedule an appointment that will change your child’s future.

We are devoted to teaching America’s youth. During the day, our tutors are teachers in the Pittsburgh area schools. Our committment to education and community extends beyond the classroom because we also believe in fostering students who want to expand their learning outside of school through one-on-one tutoring or online tutoring. We tutor all subjects and levels but we specialize in math, sciences, and SAT prep. With over a decade of tutoring local students, we have reached countless satisfied students and parents. Together, our tutors have helped hundreds of students. We have completed thousands of online and one-on-one tutoring sessions with students of various levels and abilities. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Speak to one of our highly qualified tutors today and experience what a xtutor can do for you. We are professional tutors with expertise in working with students to produce results. Not any tutor can be a xtutor. Don’t waste your time, money, and your child’s education on just any tutor. Setting up a session with the wrong tutor can cause irreversible harm to your child’s confidence and belief in education. We do not take chances and you shouldn’t either.

The xtutor is a professional, highly educated, fully qualified tutor to your child’s present and future educational needs. Additionally, the xtutor is capable of helping to inspire and guide your child through the intricate procedure known as the college admissions process. Well-known universities want students who are well-rounded, but being well-rounded with excellent academics never hurt. Admission into top tier universities require the well-rounded student with outstanding grades. Out of the admitted students, only exceptional students get scholarships. Will your child receive a scholarship or will you be one of those parents giving away your hard-earned money to the university every semester? Can you afford to be unprepared?

You will never find the xtutor teaching 5 or even 10 students at one time, typically associated with many prominent learning centers. During the tutoring session, we ONLY tutor your child. You can be assured that your child is assigned to the best tutor available. Obviously based on the qualifying talents and credentials, the skilled xtutor is much better compensated than the average tutor at the learning centers.

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