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I am a college student currently enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America, where I have a 3.65 GPA and was elected the leader of my class, by my fellwo classmates.I was first approached to be a math tutor in 6th grade by the principal of my school, ever since then I have greatly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and skills with students of all ages. Through Junior High and High School, I was a private tutor, specializing in math, but also helping with chemistry, biology, history and writing. My senior year of High school I became a member of the PALs program in which highschool students would go to the elementaries and junior highs in the district to help children with their work. Within three weeks of being at college, I had tested out of my required first year math courses, and been hired as a Math Tutor, where I have been for the past two years.Both of my parents are Public school teachers in Texas, so I basically grew up with learning. My mother is a certified science, math, and special needs teacher and from her I have learned how to identify and teach to each students own learning style. My Father is both an American History teacher at a local highschool and a History professor at a college near my house.Over the years of being a tutor, I have developed a very distinct and effective style of tutoring, making those I tutor feel more like a friend than a student. I have a 100% success rate with the people I tutor, and have never had a student I tutored fail any subject after my help. To keep this perfect record, I make myself available at all times (except 7AM-3PM EST M-F when I am in class myself) by phone to help with any problems or questions that your child may have with homework or studying.

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