eSpindle Learning Inc.

eSpindle started from a parents’ initiative and a vision of a better solution.
The “founding mothers” had gone through endless hours tutoring their children in English spelling conventions.

Whether the task was supporting aspiring Spelling Bee champions, homeschoolers, children with learning disabilities or just complying with the weekly spelling word lists – the amount of parental involvement seemed tremendous.

While it was hard for us to be our children’s spelling tutor, we wondered – how could parents with limited English skills manage? With spelling skills declining throughout the country, wasn’t there a better solution for this repetitive task?

We started to look at existing programs and couldn’t find anything that could replace or even supplement what we were doing for our children.
Nothing really seemed attentive, resourceful or smart enough to fit the bill.
Books, CDs, software programs… each contained a few hundred words, and all programs were designed as separate modules, not as ongoing tutoring support.

Nothing really managed the learning process.
Options to adjust the program to the goals, speed, and skill level of the learner were missing, and nothing was as comprehensive as we wanted it to be.

The process seemed like trying to cross a river by jumping from one floating raft to another.
What we were looking for was a steady bridge, a linear process that would allow efficient and systematic progress.

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