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Camilla Smith has a natural knack in English language, accent modification and pronunciation training and has been able help others for 7 years. She is native English-speaking, fluent in another, conversational in yet two more, and is undertaking Mandarin. She has put to use her greetings in over 30 different languages while teaching in or touring 25 countries in North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and South East Asia. Camilla Smith has been involved in the education industry for 11 years.

In addition to providing English editing services, Camilla has also taught essay writing, Business English & Etiquette, North American business culture, TOEIC and TOEFL preparation, conversation, public speaking, interview preparation, and nearly all aspects of English language acquisition.

She keeps herself current in language pedagogy, in particular accent reduction and pronunciation coaching, and is member to professional associations worldwide.

She has earned  her Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Teaching English to Speakers of OtherLanguages certificates in Vancouver, BC., as well as her American Accent Instructor Training certificate. Currently she is completing her Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Linguistics.

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