eAbhyas is founded on the principle of individual one on one instruction and the idea that every student has the ability to succeed. With these simple rules to guide us, we are making huge strides in each of our students’ academic careers. We are a team composed of members dedicated to enabling your child to reach his or her full potential. As a parent of an eAbhyas student, you will be an integral part of the learning process and will know exactly where your child is building skills and succeeding. With the eAbhyas’ approach, your child’s success is right around the corner.

eAbhyas is online one on one 24 X 7 tutoring service which is perfect for homework help, regular tutoring and exam preparation. We at eAbhyas, follow the same academic standards as student’s school and use same textbooks. We continuously monitor student progress, keep student/parent informed, and adjust curriculum to address student’s deficiencies.

Our highly qualified tutors undergo months of training and pass a stringent certification process before they become certified eAbhyas tutors.

eAbhyas’ innovative one on one online tutoring programs guarantee your child will achieve better grades, improved study skills and increased confidence.

1. Individual Student Plan tailored to your child’s specific needs.
2. Progress reports informing you of your child’s success.
3. Curriculum designed around student assessment, grade level, and assignments.
4. Increase in your child’s confidence.
5. Flexible hours to meet busy schedules.

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