Dynamics 11+ Tuition, Dartford

We offer personalised Tuition to children preparing for the 11+ Exam. Some of our students who join us were considered ‘average’ by their schools. Within a year of our coaching not only do they perform exceedingly well in their class, but they have also succeeded in getting into some of the top grammar schools. To us success in the eleven plus exam is everything. We attribute our success to a well proven methodology for clearing the exam. We are different from other coaching centres who have a generic study material for all students. Our study material is tailored for each individual child.

Visit our website https://www.dynamics11plustuition.co.uk/ for plenty of free tips we have for parents living in dartford, Bexley and Kent areas. We also offer regular weekly tests. Frequently practice enables children to get more confidence in themselves. 

Some of our students have told us that their parents have tried many tutors before settling down with us. The 11+ Exam is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your child. Make the best use of it and prepare at least a year in advance. So call us to get more information about availability of places. Unlike other coaching centres that take 20-30 students in a batch we only take 4-5. This is why we are able to offer a personalised assessment for your child. 

  • : Rosie K
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    Maths: We cover many topics like Algebra, Geometry, Probability, basic statistics that are not usually covered well in schools. 

    English: We help students learn new words especially tested during the 11+ Exam. Some grammar schools also have an essay writing. We offer plenty of practice on a wide range of topics. 

    Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning: We offer students excellent material and guidance in these subjects.

  • : Dartford
  • : Kent

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