Dominique Pryor-Anderson

My name is Dominique Pryor-Anderson, and I am a Spanish Language Coach. I specialize in working with high school and college students excel in their Spanish class by:
¢ Explaining Spanish grammar in an easy to understand and remember format
¢ Teaching study skills specific to learning Spanish
¢ Helping students to relax and be stress free in their class.

With my 10 hour program, I have taught a student 2 years of Spanish in just 8 weeks, and another 1 year of Spanish in just 1 week!

In addition to being a native fluency Spanish speaker, I also have a BA in Spanish and a M.Ed in Secondary Spanish Education. I have over 12 years of experience coaching and teaching Spanish, including 9 years with Memphis City Schools, tutoring throughout my undergraduate years, and teaching corporate Spanish classes to individuals with The National Civil Rights Museum, Trust Marketing and Allstate Insurance.

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