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I am an experienced 11+ tutor offering tuition in Maths, English, VR and NVR towards Kent, Bexley, Newstead, Saint Olave’s and independent school exams. I am a very patient tutor with very successful results over the last many years. I offer tuition from my home in very small groups of three-four children.

11+ Results Update for the 2019 school intake:
Excellent scores achieved by all children who sat for the exams from September 2018 – January 2019. Many achieved a place in the top 180 for Bexley along with very high standardised scores in Kent and Newstead tests. All the boys who had chosen to sit for Saint Olave`s cleared Stage 1 and appeared for Stage 2. Offers are eagerly awaited from both private and grammar schools. The first round of allocations will be updated in March.

In the previous years, most of the children gained offers from their first choice of school including Saint Olave`s, Newstead, Tonbridge, Judd, Skinners, Dartford Girls, Dartford Boys, Wilmington Boys, Townley and Chis & Sid. Many children have also done very well in the independent school exams and achieved places at Sevenoaks, Eltham, Bromley High and Alleyns.

  • : Smita Pullela
  • : 07789121915
  • : I prepare children in all four subjects: Maths, English including creative writing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Being very familiar with the requirements of the various 11+ exams taken by the children, I focus on specific formats that would maximise the child's chance of being successful.
  • : orpington
  • : kent

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  1. smitapullela

    Feedback from C.Dixon
    Smita is an absolutely amazing tutor who effortlessly combines excellent technical and superb personal skills with vast experience and achieves brilliant outcomes for her tutees and their families. Her work ethic and “can-do” approach inspires children and truly brings out the best in them. Smita is very professional and reliable – my daughter was tutored by Smita for 12 months and during that time, Smita has never had to cancel or postpone a lesson and has always been able to accommodate our specific requests re: giving us extra work to complete on holidays and additional tutoring sessions in the lead-up to the exams.
    We were so impressed with Smita’s tutoring that our younger daughter has now also begun sessions with Smita, because we completely trust Smita’s approach and have experienced first-hand that she has enabled our daughter to excel academically.
    Smita’s expert support, guidance and advice has not only enabled my daughter to achieve fantastic academic results (both in 11+ exams and in the classroom) but has also been absolutely instrumental in helping us parents navigate the maze of 11+ exams. Smita’s tutoring extends far beyond textbook knowledge and includes expert information on various exam formats, honest advice on school options and, on request, also extend to recommendations on how best to align school choices with your child’s individual profile of strengths, weaknesses and personality.
    Smita establishes good rapport with children quickly and perfectly manages the balance between challenging the children and ensuring they gain confidence. My daughters said that they know they can always rely on Smita to patiently explain, revise and model solutions with them. They particularly like the fact that Smita is able to explain tricky tasks very well by breaking them down and showing them effective strategies to problem-solve.
    I would certainly recommend Smita to any parent as Smita is a fantastic, caring and professional tutor that delivers amazing results.

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