Chris Go

Hey, I finished my HSC in 2007 and am available for tutoring in the following subjects:

– Mathematics Ext 1 and 2
– chemistry
– physics
– economics

I received a UAI of 99.30 in the HSC

I attended Sydney Gramamr and Knox Grammar in high school. Currently, I am a student at UNSW doing my first year of medicine. Since the HSC ended, I have been tutoring students of different levels.

 I live in North Shore

If you're interested, email me at or msg me on my phone, the no. is 0411767807 and I'll get back to you asap. ^.^

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  • : 1. Mathematics Ext
    i can help you achieve your potential in maths by targeting any weaknesses you currently may have (timing issues etc). maths is something you can easily practise for. i also have a large collection of practice papers
    My result was:
    - Ext 1: 99 (topped in the assessment mark)
    - Ext 2: 98

    2. Chemistry
    I did 'Industrial Chemistry' as my option, but can help you with the three core topics anyway. Chemistry can be very straightforward, as long as you understand all of the principles and I can help you with this. In year 12, I was 13th in the grade (95%).

    I received a mark of 93 in the HSC.

    3. Physics
    I did 'Quantum and Quarks" but again, I can help you with the cores. I received a mark of 91 in the HSC

    4. Economics
    Economics is quite an easy subject to master in as it is pretty logical and would only require good essays to achieve a decent mark in the HSC. I came 5th in the school (94%) and got a HSC mark is 90 (this is because it was the last exam and i really was over HSC by the time i was doin this exam)
  • : Sydney
  • : Australia

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