Cameron Holmes

while developing a greater appreciation for education and its rewarding effects as an elementary school tutor.

I am currently employed as a substitute teacher in the Chicagoland area and I enjoy educating students to the fullest. As a substitute educator, I have the opportunity to reach a vast amount of students as I can work with several different levels of students all in a week s work. I love teaching fourth graders the multiplication 9 s trick and seeing them get excited when they get it, and likewise, I have a personal passion for working with teen students because I am delighted when they talk about their future educational goals and how they plan on reaching them.

I tell them higher education has taken me from my menial roots in a single parent home to the Globe Theatre in London. Coming from a foster family, higher education has given me the audacity to transform myself into a person that continually strives for excellence.

For my younger students, seeing them grasp challenging concepts that they were once intimidated by makes me feel as though I have made a huge difference with their self-esteem and confidence which is imperative in pursuing their future goals.

When I work with students who express their challenges on their educational pursuits, I respond with Yes, I believe you can whatever you put your mind to. Taking that first step to your goals will open up a world full of experiences that will make you appreciate life and its endless opportunities.

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