Hi, my name is Brooklyn. I graduated high school in 2005 with an Academic Honors Diploma. I was also inducted into the National Honors Society in 2005. I took honors and AP English classes, and worked my way up to Trigonometry (I am pretty rusty in this area though, so I’m not really comfortable tutoring math above a basic Algebra level). I also played the flute for 7 years, so I am very fluent in music. I cannot instruct others on how to play other instruments, but I can help those with trouble reading music, etc. I also took French for 4 years, and while I cannot say I am fluent, I can still remember quite a bit of what I learned. I have never been an actual tutor, but I have volunteered at elementary schools where I was basically a teacher’s aid. I have also always helped friends and classmates with homework. I don’t believe in feeding answers to students. I strive to help them actually understand what they are doing, so they can use that information in the future. Currently, I am working towards my associate’s degree at Indiana Business College, and I think this would make a great part-time job for me.
I am very passionate about helping others, and I will work to the fullest of my abilities to help as many students as I possibly can.

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