Whether your child is in private school, public school, or home school, our in-home tutors are subject specialists. Their expertise is carefully matched to your child’s need, their current course curriculum, with the goal of permanent, comprehensive understanding. We come to your home, and will patiently, clearly teach the fundamentals of any subject. If your child needs help in mathematics, reading, chemistry, science, study skills, SAT prep, AP subject skills, or essay excellence, we have a proven approach which will make the difference.

Our tutors — certified teachers, degreed professionals, and top 10 percent SAT scorers — will contact you at your home, at your convenience, to change your child’s future educational horizons. Our unique home tutoring programs, in all of the core subjects, are specially designed for your child’s learning style and specific North Carolina curriculum.

With BrainTrust, you set the schedule. We find ways to meet your individual needs, matching a specialized tutor to each child. We are available for day, evening, weekend and summer sessions.

Why is one-on-one home tutoring so effective? Your child can work at his or her own speed, with the freedom to ask questions without peer pressure or embarrassment. Only in this way can your child effectively receive instant feedback when assignments are done properly. Our tutors will carefully apportion lengthy assignments, starting from basic to most difficult.

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