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I am a qualified female teacher and experienced 11+ (elevenplus) tutor, specialising in juniors, with an outstanding track record of success (proof on file). Many of my students have gained entry to selective grammar schools (Bexley and Kent), Newstead Wood, St. Olaves or independent schools like Trinity, Whitgift or Eltham College. I usually undertake a friendly, informal assessment if possible in the student’s home and if all are agreeable we take it from there. All lessons are 1:1, and I am available in the holidays, apart from the week between Christmas and New Year. I have taught all subjects (below) both 1:1 and in the classroom.

Large number of materials. I always try to find a balance between homework and tuition work- all lessons are individually tailored to the requirements of the student. I know the exams and their content very well and prepare students very thoroughly.

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  1. SP27

    We are very pleased with the help Angela has given our son who recently passed both the Kent and Medway 11+ test very well. Angela started tutoring him online during the summer before year 5. As others have mentioned, Angela does set a lot of homework and expects this to be completed with no excuses. We have had ups and downs as our son can be a little lazy and distracted, but Angela has kept him on track. Although pleased with his results in the exams, we have been most pleased with his increased confidence, his teachers have noticed a great improvement in his attitude to work as well as an improvement in the quality. I do believe that Angela’s emphasis on the students responsibility for completing their work has been integral to this. Would not hesitate to recommend Angela to other parents

  2. DiBio

    My daughter has been tutored by Angela for over 2 years since the beginning of year 4 and she has recently taken the 11+ exams. She has scored very well in the Newstead Wood exam and the Sutton grammar exams achieving a score of 348. Angela was very adaptable during the lockdowns and is always flexible especially during school holidays. She is very honest about the quantity of work the pupil will undertake to prepare for the 11+ and having just gone through the process, I fully understand why the preparation was so intense and it has definitely paid off. She has a wealth of experience with the 11+ and the various schools available in the Bromley locality and neighbouring boroughs. My daughter enjoys her weekly lessons via zoom and has gained confidence in all aspects of her academic development with Angela. My daughter achieved academic scholarship offers at JAGS, Alleyns and Eltham College which is due to Angela’s expert knowledge of these schools entrance assessments. I highly recommend her tutoring services.

  3. Elena

    Angela has tutored my son for the past 12 months and has been instrumental in preparing him for his 11+ exams, in which he achieved a top 180 place for Bexley and sufficiently high marks in the Kent test to be confident of an out-of-catchment-area place at the school of his choice. My son also passed the first St Olaves test and awaits results of the second. As has been said in other reviews, Angela is firm but fair but where I think she is outstanding is in the way she insists on my son being responsible, accountable and answerable for himself (parents are not allowed in the room while remote tutoring is in progress). She has also guided my wife and I as parents, by telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing to help. Angela has been a great source of advice and has a wealth of experience to help with managing your child and thinking about school selection etc, etc. I did find the homework volume daunting at the beginning (not really knowing what to expect ) and my son needed some help to plan and develop some discipline but he has established a routine now and although he grumbles still, he is proud of his achievements in the exams and the homework is always done! We plan to retain Angela for the foreseeable future, as I believe my son gets more academic benefit from this engagement than he does in his current school, where he is not sufficiently challenged in my view.

  4. JO2021

    My son spent two years with Angela preparing for the 11+ exams in Bexley and for St Olaves. He is a bright boy but we knew that he would need some specific tuition to assist in preparing for the tests. Angela covers all the aspects of the 11+ tests and introduced our son to a wide range of resources as well as suggesting a rich variety of books that he should read (many that we would not have considered or were aware of). We were particularly grateful to Angela during both lockdowns when she moved her lessons online – this gave our son some structure to his week when school input (at that time) was lacking. Angela has very high expectations of her students and the amount of homework can be incredibly daunting – your child must be committed and prepared to take on this level of work. Our son worked exceptionally hard under Angela’s expert guidance and, without which, I do not think he would have achieved such high pass marks for both the tests that he took. As a result he has achieved one of the top 180 places for the Bexley test – with a guaranteed place at a Bexley grammar school – and a high pass mark in the first stage of the St Olaves test (2nd test pending). Thank you Angela.

    March 2022 Update: Our son successfully secured a place at St Olaves – very proud of him for all his hard work and thank you again to Angela!

  5. kirstysleep

    Angela helped our son on Zoom from Australia for over 6 months to prepare for entrance exams at private schools in Kent. We are pleased to say it paid off and he was accepted into 3 of the 4 we applied for. Thank you Angela.

  6. markh

    Unlike many parents, we had an odd proposition. Our target was to generally improve our daughter’s academic ability and confidence as opposed to preparing her for the entrance exam for a particular school. Angela’s approach to this, however, really paid dividends. Not only have we seen a marked improvement in both literacy and mathematics, something her school has noticed as well, but our daughter has really grown in confidence in these subjects. Angela was flexible over the homework provision, increasing at times and reducing at others which was also really helpful, especially in light of the Covid 19 pandemic. On this, Angela has adapted her tuition to be conducted virtually as a result, yet still really made a difference and set my daughter for the best possible start for her journey through secondary school.

  7. Js26

    Angela tutored our daughter for grammar school places at Newstead Wood and Bexley. We are delighted to say that our daughter passed both with high marks and, all being well, will go to her first choice school Newstead. Angela is a great tutor. As others mention, she is rigorous and there is a lot of homework. However the homework is well structured and once our daughter got into a rhythm she really enjoyed it. It was also great to have Angela continue to tutor our daughter during lockdown when school work provision tailed off dramatically. We would definitely recommend Angela. Thank you Angela for all your support!

  8. EC2020

    We are so pleased with our daughter’s results after being tutored with Angela for the past 18 months. We tutored in preparation for Newstead Woods school and the Kent 11+ Entrance exams.
    Our daughter has passed both Newstead Woods and Kent 11+ examinations with great scores. Scoring top possible marks in both the Reasoning and English sections of the Kent test!
    Angela is strict and the process requires commitment from your child. She is also very honest and will let you know when your child is not doing enough. There is lots of homework and it may take time for your child to get used to the amount of work required (our child certainly did!) But it is all worth it when your child gets the results you could have only hoped for. Thank you Angela!

  9. AngelaChenery

    Update to our comments 17 October 2019. Our daughter’s been accepted by The Weald of Kent Grammar School in Tonbridge. This mis the second child Angela has tutored for us (The first got into The Judd School, Grammar School for boys two years ago) and without her help we think it would have been far more difficult to achieve this. This year, the 11+ result cut off pass mark was set very high indeed. Her maths tuition skills are exceptional. A+.

  10. William0001

    I would like to thank Angela for preparing our son for the 11+ exams for the grammar and Independent schools. He started with her in Year 4.

    Angela’s teaching method was excellent. She was patient and encouraged him to work harder. She particularly got our son to focus on his vocabulary and writing skills which later became a very important factor for passing the exams. In addition, she encouraged him to enter several mock exams which gave him more lots more confidence in the exams.

    The regular feedback I received from Angela was consistently balanced and positive. It provides evidence of her strong teaching and interpersonal communication skills.

    Our son exceeded the pass mark for the Bexley and Kent exams; he was also offered an academic scholarship at an Independent school. Most importantly, I am pleased to say that he has been offered a place at St Olave’s, which was our first preference school. He is very proud of himself for achieving this!

    I would highly recommend Angela and our youngest child will certainly be using her for their 11+ preparation as well.

  11. Dhaneesha

    Angela is a dedicated teacher and guides students with a disciplined and proactive approach. My son started with Angela at the start of year 4 after an initial assessment and within a few weeks he settled into a routine of working quite independently under Angela’s expert guidance. The journey with Angela requires hard work and commitment from students and parents. Since starting with Angela my son developed a style of learning and working with a great deal of self discipline, enthusiasm and independence and passed the Bexley and Kent 11 plus exams with high scores as well as the St Olaves stage 1 exam. Angela gives honest and constructive feedback throughout which keeps the student and parents on track. We can’t thank Angela enough and would highly recommend her to any parent seeking 11 plus/secondary school entrance exam success for their child.

  12. nickhearn

    Angela was recommended to us by one of the contributors above and has now tutored both our children with great success. Our daughter was taken on mid-way through year 5 following an assessment and was successful in the Newstead Wood exam despite a relatively short time frame to the test. She is now doing well there in year 8.
    Our son started halfway through year 4 and has been successful in the 11+ exams for Wilsons, Wallington and Sutton as well as the first stage St Olaves. Both our children really liked Angela and responded well to her enthusiasm. Starting with the initial assessment, she is very honest and suggested additional English tuition for our son, which had a very positive effect both for the exams and his wider school work. She does push quite hard and there is a lot of homework. Don’t under-estimate the level of commitment this will take from parents. But we feel she really got the best from both of our children and I am not sure they would have passed the demanding tests without her as they were both so well prepared.

    So we would certainly recommend Angela

    As a postscript Sam was offered and we have accepted Wilsons

  13. Dabzee

    Angela plays fair. She explains how she works and what she expects from your child and you. You follow the rules and your child will be in the school of your choosing. It is as simple as that. She takes her job seriously and she expects the same from you. In practical terms this means huge amount of weekly home work and hard work of your child with your support. My son after year and a half of hard work that almost maddened him in the beginning as it was too much in his mind, then slowly he got fast and better. In the end he would do any 10 minute test in 8-9 minutes and double check himself.
    What was the end result:
    Bexley 223 marks against 216 pass mark.
    Knet 383 marks against 330 pass mark.
    Grammar schools here we come.
    Angela we are thankful for all your effort for never giving up on Joel, quo is not an easy child and yet you found your way to work well with him.

  14. AngelaChenery

    Anya, my daughter just passed the Kent 11+ exams with good results, 40 above the pass mark. This is our second child who Angela has tutored, both having now passed the 11+. From there outset, Angela makes it clear the child has to work has but you will get good results. We have now moved from Bromley into the Sevenoaks schools catchment area and are looking at grammar school places in Tonbridge. Our daughter also passed the Newstead Woods exams so we are very pleased!

  15. JessicaCD2019

    Angela tutored our son as he prepared for 11+ private school entrance exams. We are delighted with the results of her hard work – she helped him to achieve his full potential, as he passed his exams at near scholarship level.
    Angela was clear with us from the beginning as to the amount of work and commitment it would take to get him to the right level, and it did mean a lot of homework along the way. But our son really came on in leaps and bounds under her tutelage. Angela has an extensive knowledge of the entry requirements for all of the schools in the area, and we very much appreciated her guidance in making sure our expectations of our son were pitched correctly.

  16. Matthew2019

    My son has been tutored by Angela for the last 16 months. Academically he was above average but he was not being challenged at his school and would certainly have not been equiped to pass the 11+ or the entry exams for academically focussed independent schools. My son enjoyed his time with Angela, her structured and insightful approach instilled in him the discipline and desire to push himself and achieve his goals. He recently undertook 10+ entry level exams for two schools which he achieved very high marks on across all disciplines. Your child (and you) will need to be committed as Angela does have high expectations in terms of homework but if you are committed then I could not recommend Angela higher.

  17. Sima

    I would like to thank Angela for successfully tutoring my second daughter. She passed Kent, Bexley and Newstead 11+ exams. My daughter was a reluctant student, but Angela persevered and gave her the encouragement and guidance to continue. Angela tailors the course to suit the student and whilst it is a lot of hard work, it is manageable.

    My daughter exceeded the pass mark for all exams. She is guaranteed a place at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. In recent years the pass mark is 320, and for out of borough children has been 385, my daughter scored 405.

    I would 100% recommend Angela for any student wishing to sit the 11+ exams. Angela is very thorough, and has an exceptional track record. She knows the syllabus exceptionally well. All of her students pass, and they pass well.

    Angela is dedicated and determined to give each child she tutors the success they deserve. Thank you for giving both my daughters the opportunity to succeed in life. We will be forever indebted to you.

    I would highly recommend Angela!

  18. ThankfulMom1

    More Phenomenal Results!!
    After my 2015 post below, praising Angela for guiding my DD to success in her 11+ exams, I am returning once more to acknowledge Angela’s vital role, in now supporting my DS over the last 2 years, which has again culminated in his sweeping the board with top marks across all of his 11+ exams, including: successfully passing Stage 1 of St Olaves, and coming out of Stage 2 very happy (results in March!); achieving in the 400s in the Kent Test; and top 180 status in the Bexley Test. He is very happy and it means that he is now in a position where he has pretty much guaranteed his first choice, for which we are very grateful.
    Needless to say DC3 has already started with Angela, inspired and aiming to surpass the 11+ success of their older siblings!!
    Thank you Angela for your efforts and helping to instill methodical approach, commitment and diligent work ethnic in the children. The children continue to demonstrate all of these life long skills across all their endeavours to this day. Angela, you are highly recommended!!!

  19. Pritidolly

    Angela is a very good tutor. She is a hard task master and expects the children to put in some hard work in terms of homework.

    But the hard work certainly paid off and my daughter passed every 11+ exam that she sat with flying colours- she ended up being able to take her pick!

    I would recommend Angela

  20. Roseli

    Our daughter had Angela as a tutor since the start of Yr 4. We straight away knew that she was the perfect tutor for her, as she helped her push herself to the level that was expected to pass the exam. Angela was very strict when regarding homework, and expected everything to be completed, marked and corrected on time for the lesson. At first, it was quite difficult to cope with Angela’s expectations, but after a while, my daughter got used to it. She started focusing more and improvements were clearly seen. During the summer, Angela recommended us a Summer Intensive Course which helped children do last minute preparation for their exams. We decided to attend it, and our daughter enjoyed every single minute. We also had two Mock exams situated in Bexley, which demonstrated how the actual 11+ test was going to look like. Luckily, when she sat all her exams, the hard work all paid off and she passed all of them (Kent, Bexley and Newstead Wood). Hopefully, she will attend a grammar school next year! We highly recommend Angela for any child willing to sit the tests, no matter what level they start at- they will surely lead to success! Thanks for everything Angela!

  21. Balbir

    My daughter got tutored by Angela, who is a highly skilled professional in her field. The work was hard, but she prepared us as a family what to expect and without her my daughter would not have passed her tests.

  22. nickhearn

    Angela came highly recommended by a work colleague. She agreed to take my daughter on with only 6 months to go before the 11 plus exam and despite the fact that she is at a school where her learning at the end of year 5 was not yet at the level necessary for the test. While her knowledge was not yet up to the standard required, Angela’s thorough and honest assessment prior to agreeing to take my daughter on, recognised her potential to succeed.

    My daughter responded brilliantly to Angela’s tuition and worked extremely hard in the short space of time she had to catch up on the necessary knowledge to help her pass the test. It does require substantial commitment from both the pupil and family but she enjoyed the challenge and formed an excellent relationship with Angela which kept her motivated, We saw a real increase in her self-confidence and I am pleased to say she passed the Newstead Wood test. I do not think she would have done so without Angela’s help.

  23. xnataliax

    Angela agreed to take on our daughter for tuition in the December preceding the 11+ tests after conducting an assessment in our own home. Angela made it clear from the start that she would require hard work and commitment from our daughter especially as she was starting quite late to the tutoring process.
    To say it was a shock to our daughter’s system was an understatement (who is bright but lazy with regards to work) and she resisted to the point where we even thought are we doing the right thing. Yet slowly and surely we began to see a change in our daughter. She began to focus more and her progress at school was clear for all to see; she was already in the top subject sets but was put into an advanced maths class. Angela had begun working her magic. Our daughter would come home from her tutorials with funny and interesting stories they had shared and we could see they were bonding.
    Angela is a hard task master and makes it clear she wants 100% commitment from both the pupil and the parents. It’s a partnership where everyone is working for the same goal. Angela demonstrates extensive experience, teaches all 4 components of the 11+ ( non-verbal, verbal, English and maths) and provides all the materials which as novices to the 11+ process we found invaluable. She really is an 11+ ‘one-stop shop.’
    By the time the 11+ tests came around Sophia was well prepared having also attended mock exams and a revision course as recommended by Angela.
    To summarise, our daughter’s 11+ journey was not an easy one but all the hard work paid off and she passed the Bexley and Kent tests with ease and we are now in the fortunate position to have several grammar school options to choose from to include on Sophia’s application form.
    We’d like to say a big thank you to Angela for keeping Sophia on track and securing great results. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela for 11+ tuition.

  24. JuliaLR42

    Angela tutored our daughter, Emma, for a year prior to sitting her 11+ exams for Bexley. Angela’s approach was firm and clear – and was exactly what Emma needed. Emma developed in ways we never thought possible – because she was stimulated, motivated and being stretched she was happier in herself and we saw huge benefits in other areas of her life. Most importantly Emma comfortably passed the 11+ for Bexley. Additionally we discovered that she has a real aptitude for maths and has been put forward by her school for the national young mathematician of the year award. Angela was the one who noticed this and gave the additional resources to stretch Emma. I would never have known my daughter loves algebra! The other benefit of using Angela is that she knows her stuff – she knows which school would suit a child, she knows what mock tests and revision courses to do and she knows when you need to do things by. Invaluable when it’s your first child going through this! I would definitely recommend Angela.

  25. Beata

    My son Zak is having a tuition with Angela over a year now. During that year, thanks to Angela’s well organised tuition work and lots of homework, Zak improved his Maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Also he became one of the top students in his class. A hard work and persistence of both, Angela and Zak, resulted in Zak passing Bexley 11+ exam and first stage to St. Olaves’ exam. I would highly recommended Angela as a tutor to everyone who is willing to work hard to get a great result in 11+exams. 

  26. robchenery

    Excellent Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning A+ / Passed both Kent & Bexley 11+ exams

    My son Jenson started tuition with Angela exactly a year before the 11+ exams. Each week he would spend between and hour or hour and a half being taught the subjects and then given daily homework which he had to complete when they next met up. Certainly at the beginning I would say Jenson was good at Maths around the B mark, if a little slow at working out the answer quickly. Overtime Angela streamlined Jenson and although it was a very tough year doing Maths on a daily basis he became far more confident at school becoming one of the top in his class and year.

    Twelve months passed quickly and it was clear he was becoming faster and faster at working things out and getting good scores each time. We are pleased to say he passed both Bexley and Kent 11+ exams with excellent results, even getting 100% in Reasoning / 94% Maths for the Kent test. In the Bexley test the pass mark was deemed at 214. Jenson received 252.44 in numerical reasoning and was in the ‘top 180’ who scored 251 or above. 5931 children sat the Bexley test so we were were extremely happy with the tuition he received and would recommend Angela to anyone who is serious about getting a good pass mark.

  27. Chris

    Our son was tutored by Angela for around 12 months prior to sitting the Bexley 11+ and St Olave’s entrance exams in 2016.

    While we knew he was a bright child, there is clearly a gap between what is taught under the national curriculum by the end of Yr 5, and the typical standard/content of school entrance exams taken at the start of Yr 6. Once we understood this, it was clear his chances would improve with help from a good tutor.

    Angela understands this area extremely well, and after an initial assessment visit to our home, she set about the task at hand with much energy and direction. Indeed, anyone who engages Angela to help their child can expect the following:
    – a no-nonsense approach from someone with significant tutoring experience
    – extensive knowledge of local school entrance requirements, particularly around 11+, super-selective grammar and private schools
    – the need for both child + parents to commit wholeheartedly to the work set each week…motivation and resilience are key factors here
    – honesty…Angela always plays with a straight bat
    – Results! Results! Results!…her record speaks for itself

    It sounds clichéd, but our son (and we) learned much about ourselves during our journey with Angela. He duly passed both the Bexley 11+ and St. Olave’s entrance exams, and we are all delighted that he starts at St O’s next month.
    Thanks again Angela.

  28. Vivienne1606

    We originally went down the group tuition route for our son but decided after a couple of sessions that he would be better suited to a more personalised approach. We found Angela online and although it was the December before our son would be taking the 11+, following an assessment carried out in our home, she agreed to tutor him. However, she made it clear from the start that as we only had nine months, it would mean a lot of hard work and commitment. At first, Angela’s seemingly forthright manner meant our son was more than a little apprehensive, but it did mean that he completed the vast amounts of homework each week and as time went on and he got to know Angela better, he would often tell us about their funny chats and grew quite fond of her. There is no doubt in our minds that Angela cares deeply about her students passing and takes her role very seriously, tailoring the materials to the individual (which is invaluable) and giving regular feedback. But anyone looking for tuition must be under no illusion that it does take over not only your child’s life but that of the family in terms of the time commitment. If your child has a lot of extra curricular interests, they may well have to give some of those up. Saying that, our son has just received his results and passed both the Kent and Bexley tests easily – just missing out on the top 180 for Bexley but more importantly for us, obtaining one of the top scores for Kent, meaning that we are now in the brilliant position of being able to choose between two super selectives – Judd and Dartford Grammar. So, we can say without hesitation that it was all worth it and we know that, despite all his protestations, our son thinks that too. We would highly recommend Angela as her results speak for themselves. Her methods aren’t for the faint hearted but they certainly do work!

  29. Emma

    Angela tutored my son for a period of four months ahead of the 10+ exam for Trinity School. We were not aware of the format or content of the entrance exam and Angela is very familiar with the requirements and able to help with practice exercises in maths, comprehension, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. These helped my son with exam technique and gave him confidence when approaching the exams. I am pleased to say he passed and is now enjoying year 1 at Trinity. Angela is rigorous and demanding – she provides lots of work to be completed before the lesson each week but my son rose to the challenge and seemed to get on well with Angela.

  30. Raj

    My daughter worked with Angela over a period of 10 months preparing for the Bexley selection tests. This consisted of working through Bond Assessment books in Verbal reasoning, Maths and Comprehension, as well as past papers and worded questions. To be honest nothing quite prepared her for the level of work that she had to achieve to give her a chance of passing the exams. Angela expects a serious commitment and work ethic from both parents and children alike. It`s like a partnership almost with one common goal in mind – to make sure your child passes the exams. On a personal level she is very quirky and grows on you the more you get to know her.She knows her stuff and recommends that when doing homework it is imperative that the children source out the information on their own and learn to stand on their own two feet. Priceless for later on in their school years. Angela does exactly what she says upon the first meeting and after her assessment – make`s no promises / advises it takes hard work and effort from the child and that she isn`t a magician. She does however try her absolute very best encouraging and making sure that the children are well advised
    The difference I found with Angela is that she adds the following
    Professionalism and experience / starting with a spot on assessment of our daughter abilities during 60 minutes interview. The areas covered during the exams were explained in a methodological way during the weekly 1:1 sessions which were followed by an extensive rehearsal of the new material as part of the homework.
    Honesty / there were no promises, but constant feedback and on-going communication regarding our daughter progress: areas of strengths and improvements and weaknesses
    High expectations / Angela’s firm approach of having 100% homework done each week combined with a positive encouragement, motivated our daughter and thanks to a lot of hard work our daughter passed the selection tests .

    It`s clear to see why Angela has a 100% record with all of her students passing exams.

    For any parent thinking about a tutor I can only highly recommend Angela as she makes sure your child is fully prepared for the selection tests.

  31. NikkiD

    *** Hannah has since found out she is in top 3% of students who took the Bexley exam ***

    When my daughter opened the Newstead exam paper yesterday she was confident that there would be no surprises, because of the work she had done with Angela. They had, without doubt, covered everything the exam may have thrown up. Although we have three weeks til the results,she came out smiling.
    Angela is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher, with an amazing array of resources and a wonderful teaching manner . The workload on the children is not for the faint-hearted – there is a lot of work – but even with the with the moans, groans and occasional tears, my daughter carried on, determined not to give up.
    She has come out the other side confident in her ability, and exceeding the levels of her peers.
    My advice is to get signed up with Angela while you can. She will provide your child with everything they need to succeed and give them a fantastic work ethic.
    I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  32. Jolanta

    We are confident to say that Angela is a tutor for you if you wish your child to succeed in exams. When we had our initial interview (March 2015), I was extremely pleased that Angela was a very straight forward person; giving us her honours opinion about what we should expect. So, we decided to use Angela’s help in preparing our son for 11+ exams for two top private schools in SE London. Today, I am the proudest mum in the world as my son received offers for both chosen schools.
    The preparation journey was not easy, especially as my son; as probably many boys are these days; was not very willing to put too much effort in his work, but Angela’s excellent guidance and our support at home helped him to step up and produce excellent results.
    We are extremely grateful to Angela for all her hard work that she did with our son and for providing him the tools to be more confident and successful in his studies.

  33. midhakranti

    We found Angela through the 11plus website and after the first informal test that she does with every child, my daughter started with her from October last year. She seemed very professional and knew her job very well. We had come from Germany so I didn’t understand the world of 11plus and how it all works here.
    My daughter was doing ok in school at that time, I knew she had the potential but she needed the right person to coach her and that I found in Angela. Within months of starting the tuition , her levels started improving and I started getting very positive feedback from the school teacher as well.
    My daughter cleared all the 11plus tests (Kent, bexley and NW) with great scores and is now representing her school in the regional maths challenge. Angela has given her the confidence and the self belief for which we will always be grateful to her. We highly recommend Angela to everyone.

  34. ThankfulMom1

    Fantastic Tutor!
    Our DD came to Angela in early 2015 when we realised she was the tutor we had been searching for to guide our DD through the rigours of 11+ preparation. Angela is unique in that she is an all round tutor, expert in all four 11+ disciplines including English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning (VR) & Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR). We were also impressed by her track record, with many of her past students successfully gaining entry to top grammar schools following successes in e.g. Newstead Wood, St Olaves, Bexley and Kent grammar tests. Angela is strict in her approach and has high expectations, though warm, with a great sense of humour. We appreciated Angela’s systematic and logical approach, and were amazed at her ability to quickly identify our DDs strengths and weaknesses. As well as focussing on our DDs areas for development, she also provided our DD with materials to further develop and challenge her stronger areas. On that note, Angela provided our DD with access to a broad range of 11+ materials which went far beyond the standard material you might find elsewhere. The weekly workload took some getting used to for our DD, at first, but she quickly got into her stride once we organised the homework into a daily written timetable. This process we found has also enhanced our DDs work ethic and has given her fantastic study skills which will undoubtedly stand her in good stead for the rest of year 6 and secondary school. Suffice to say, after all the hard work and preparation our DD gained fantastic scores in her recent 11+ examinations, scoring phenomenally high marks in the Kent and Newstead Wood Tests and a ‘top 180’ score in the Bexley Test, effectively guaranteeing our DD a place at any of her choices. We are delighted for our DD and so pleased that we found Angela to support and prepare our DD. We can’t recommend Angela highly enough. Thank you!

  35. Sima

    I would definitely recommend Angela as a tutor; my daughter started tutoring with Angela after the first term of Year 4. She passed all three exams she sat; Newstead Wood entrance exam, Bexley and Kent 11 plus exams.
    I have found the extra tutelage extremely rewarding both in terms of the noticeable improvement in her ability – not least of which being the excellent scores achieved in the entrance exams – but also in her discipline, willingness to achieve and thinking regarding the importance of education.
    I will be forever indebted to Angela for providing my daughter with the tools to succeed in her future. Angela is very knowledgeable, and I cannot recommend her enough.
    Thank you Angela!

  36. Lavender123

    After tutoring with Angela our child passed all the exams for Kent, Bexley & Newstead Woods .
    Our child is intelligent but lazy and needed a lot of motivation and patience from both Angela and us in completing the weekly homework .
    Angela is strict but kind and caring at the same time .She has not only been able to coach and direct students towards the appropriate knowledge required, but also encourages and motivates difficult and stubborn students like our child .
    She has proved beyond doubt that her coaching is 100% successful and is capable of turning around difficult students.
    For anyone looking for a 11+ tutor , We would highly recommend Angela .

  37. Rascle

    Angela has been a very effective tutor for our daughter. We started with Angela late into Year 5 but our daughter has secured excellent passes in Bexley, Kent and Newstead Woods tests. Angela’s style is direct but friendly and she encourages commitment to study which is an absolute must for Grammar school students. If your child is prepared to work hard then Angela will be an asset to you.

  38. Mike Richardson

    We started the 11plus tutoring late for our daughter, but through a focused and structured approach, Angela was not only able to immediately draw out my daughters weaknesses but encourage and develop her independent learning – a very important skill for any child intend on going to a grammar school. This also led to my daughter excelling at school, attending advanced Maths sessions at her local secondary school, in addition to her passing both the Bexley and Newstead Wood tests by a comfortable margin. None of this would have been achieved without Angela’s intervention and guidance. I can only say that if you are serious about your child passing the 11plus, then I can’t think of a better tutor to place your trust in than Angela. We cannot recommend her high enough and will always be very grateful for the future opportunities she has opened up for our daughter.

  39. Johnson1

    We entered the world of tutoring with a little trepidation but it soon became apparent that if anyone could get our son through these tests, it was Angela. If your child is prepared to commit to the homework and discipline involved in this process, she is an excellent choice of tutor. Angela knows exactly what is required for both grammar and independent school tests and we are pleased to have just been offered a very good scholarship award from a superb independent school.

  40. Katherine

    I would thoroughly recommend Angela as a tutor. My son spent a year with her and as a result passed the 11plus exam with a great score. He has received offers from three Independent schools, one being Sevenoaks School. He has also been awarded an Academic Scholarship and a Music Scholarship.

    I found Angela to be professional and dedicated. She always puts her students first and genuinely cares about them, as well being passionate about helping them succeed. I saw significant improvement within months.

    My son could not have done this without her and we can not thank her enough. I would definitely recommend Angela to anyone looking for a tutor.

  41. Asel

    I strongly recommend Angela as a tutor for preparation to 11+ exams. My son has obtained good scores in Bexley and Kent exams. We are hoping he will get an offer from one of the grammar schools there. Angela made it clear that he might not get into St. Olave’s from the start and was right. Angela is not all about scores, she also cares about the child and his needs and interests. She is tough yet delicate and I think tries to find a key to each child. My son’s performance at school has improved significantly and is now in A sets both in Math and English. He is a changed man and we are grateful that we found Angela!

  42. Liz S

    After meeting with several 11 plus tutors we decided to employ Angela for tutoring our daughter for the Bexley exam and for the Newstead test.She is a very strict tutor however we liked her approach in that we felt that she would cover all the areas needed in the year. Angela expects a large volume of homework to be completed each week and although this was at times daunting and very tiring for my daughter she always completed it and we could see great improvements in her work. When it came to the exams this year she was very well prepared, no questions were a surprise to my daughter as she had confidently covered all areas throughout the year and she passed both the Bexley exam and is well over the cut off score for Newstead woods – so we are delighted.

  43. Amanda Aldred

    I searched the Internet 18 months ago for a tutor for my son. We found Angela! We had an initial meeting whereby it was immediately apparent that Angela had a character and personality that would suit my son. She is very kind and compassionate, however strict and direct in her approach. My son never complained about having to go to Angela every week – he was inspired by her teaching methods. He even stated that he wished Angela was a teacher at his school as she explains things in a way that makes it understandable. My son has just sat the Bexley Test and the new format Kent test and passed both with excellent scores. I am in no doubt that he would have ever scored so highly without the expert tuition from Angela and I am truly grateful to her for the effort that she put into my son. I would definitely recommend Angela to any parent looking for a tutor.

  44. Jen Keelson

    My son had 4 months to prepare for the 11+ tests. I found Angela via the internet and even though we did not have enough time, she agreed to coach him for the tests. She quickly identified his strengths and weaknesses and kept me informed throughout about where he was and what he could do to improve. I am delighted my son passed the Bexley tests. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

  45. NatalyAA

    We found Angela via internet. Although she scared us a bit initally, typically serious teacher!! Yet surprisingly her kindness and heartful care for our son was beyond description. We saw her mid year 5 despite being in one of highest reputable private school but sadly my son was not doing well and teachers always made us feel our son was the under performing. Angela discovered surprisingly basics deficiency which she was very shocked of being in such school. She worked on these basics from the start and suddenly my son shot up from lowest in group C of Maths up to the top scorer in the B group, achieving A score from then afterwards. Then she suggested Whitgift school to him saying his sports abilities and character is best suiting Whitgift, we knew nothing about and was never in our mind. We went for a tour and shockingly my son and us fell in love with the school up to the extent my son insisted wanting to go there from year 6 while we were preparing for the 11 plus and all the private schools enterance exams the following autumn term. Whigift surprisingly had an individual interview offered for remaining slots available not filled for the year 6 following, and Angela had 2 weeks to prepare him for including half term holiday. She made him fully driven first time to see a 10 year old child as such full of motivation and effort put as such for his entrance exam and interview, achieving very high scores in top 30 students of 500 applicants as reported to us. He was then offered the place to go in to year 6 straight rather than resitting exam again for year 7, which overturned my sons life, charcter and joyful life, thanks to Angela and her high class level of tutoring for this stage of education

  46. Aneta Wojcik

    Angela is an excellent tutor who can motivate and get the best out of the child. Our daughter passed 11+ exam for Bexley consisting of non- verbal, verbal reasoning, English and Math. She scored well above the entry level. She has also scored above the historical entry level for the Newstead Wood School. Angela qualities include:
    -Professionalism and experience starting with a spot on assessment of our daughter abilities during 60 minutes interview! The areas covered during the exams were explained in a methodological way during the weekly 1:1 sessions which were followed by an extensive rehearsal of the new material as part of the homework. This resulted in our daughter thriving at the exams which seemed like a revision of material covered with Angela – none of the questions came as a surprise for her!
    -Honesty-there were no promises, but constant feedback and on-going communication regarding our daughter progress: areas of strengths and improvements
    -High expectations-Angela’s firm approach of having 100% homework done each week combined with a positive encouragement, highly motivated our daughter
    Angela’s enthusiasm and dedication was far beyond our expectation. Angela knows what is needed for NW and Bexley 11+ exams and she made sure our daughter knew what to do in the exam. I would highly recommend Angela to you.

  47. Natalie Martin

    Outstanding 11 plus exam tutor
    We wanted our son to have the best possible chance of getting into St Olaves and other grammar schools. So we put him on a three day revision course.

    Caleb asked us after the course to have Angela help him specifically in Maths and non-verbal. We were taken aback that he had such foresight..I tracked and begged and got her even though she was fully booked.

    There is something about Angela that lifted him another level.

    Angela is a serious tutor and gets results.

    My son has a place at St Olaves and got into all the other grammars!

  48. boss

    Great reviews!

  49. MT

    Our DD was not at all prepared to meet her upcoming 11+ exams. We found Angela via the internet and we are extremely pleased with the results.

    Our DD passed all her 11+. She was one of the top 180 in Bexley and achieved full marks in the Kent exam, scoring well above the historical cut-off level for Newstead Woods as well.

    Angela not only helped our DD with crucial exam techniques, but her tuition also gave her the necessary confidence and preparation which was sorely lacking before she started lessons with her.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her most strongly.

  50. Nicola Meade

    It’s fair to say that our son was more than a little apprehensive about the prospect of being tutored and that didn’t necessarily abate when he first met Angela. She is definitely a lady with presence. However, any such nerves were gone within two sessions. He quickly came to realise what we had already recognised, that Angela was genuine and cared passionately about her students, wanting the very best for them all. From here on in he always went each time with no objections. It would be pushing it a little to say that he actually looked forward to each session but the truth isn’t that far off. The lesson gave him the opportunity to run through anything in the homework that may have troubled him. Angela tutored our son in preparation for his Eleven Plus, covering maths and verbal reasoning. We brought him late to being tutored but Angela kept us informed throughout about where he was, as well as what he could do to improve. She helped him through a mock exam and encouraged him to the final test. We can delightfully report that he passed, opening him up to the Grammar School selection process. We would definitely recommend Angela, but only if your child is prepared to work. She will encourage the best out of them but it has to be on doing the homework terms. This is something we were delighted about.

  51. Yamara Reid

    11 Tuition
    Angela had only 3 months to prepare my son for the 11 tests in Kent

  52. Ejaz Moghal

    Extremley Pleased
    As per my review. 5 Stars for Angela.

  53. graciela

    Highly recommended
    We found Angela through an internet search and contacted her as we liked the reviews. We liked her approach and teaching methods from the start. She is very experienced and clearly passionate about teaching. She was very effective and my son enjoyed her lessons very much. He found Angela’s lessons very clear and dynamic. She has helped our son improve significantely especially in English. We are very pleased with the outcome as he has been offered a place at our school of choice (St Olave’s in Orpington). I, and more importantely my son, would highly recommend Angela.

  54. Ejaz Moghal

    Extremley Pleased
    Having struggled to find the required time to help our DD with the study/prep for the 11+, we decided to go down the tutoring route. Our DD went from being in the bottom maths set to the top, and her comprehension improved no end. Best of all she passed the 11+. Angela is honest, and it is definitely a two way process between herself and the student to acheiving the best results possible. Angela managed our expectations and prepped / timed everything to peak for the September 11+ exams. Regardless of this, we were just happy in the improvement in academic apptitude. DD is now more confident in her abilities and with her peers. She is looking foward to starting at grammar school this September.

  55. Joanna Morey

    strongly to be recommended
    I found Angela last year via a recommendation (collague). We needed swift and good work to be done on my son´s preparation for the grammar school exam, and I can honestly say that Angela really delivered, far more than we expected. We had started the prep (Bond books etc.) ourselves but got stuck as somehow there was never enough time.
    When we hired Angela progress was startling. Our son who was hesitant at first quickly overcame this and quite fancied the lessons. We liked that we got a lot of information during the assessment which took place in our home, especially as Angela answered questions about how it all works which we probably would not have asked in the first place.

    The communication was great, and I can only say that Angela is really enthusiastic about tutoring and unfailingly friendly with us and our son.
    We were glad that she sorted all the homework and prep in a way which suited us, and when the exam came our son was more than ready. He passed easily, reported back to us that he had plenty of time (especially in Maths) to go over the questions again and that there was no question type in any of the subjects which he hadn´t tackled before.

    We can really reccommend Angela to every parent who wants results and a happy child.

  56. Nicola Hickley

    Bexley preperation
    My daughter spent 6 months with Angela preparing for the Bexley selection tests. The tuition involved working through Bond Assessment books in Verbal reasoning, Maths and Comprehension, as well as past papers and worded questions. Although my daughter was doing well at school, we soon realised that the level of maths expected in these tests exceeds that which is taught in year 5 at primary school.
    Angela pushes quite hard and expects a serious commitment in terms of homework. She may suggest that extra curriculum activities are put on hold until after the tests, although we only dropped one activity ourselves. There were times when I felt that it was all too much for a child of this age and I discussed this with her. I am pleased to say that my daughter passed the tests and I believe that Angela prepared her well.

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