Alexandros’ Tuition

Private Online University Programming Tuition
2000h – Focus on core Python & Java

Following a dynamic and organised tuition approach I have resulted in a proven track record with undergraduate and postgraduate programming assignments, exams, and practice. I have completed 2000 tuition hours with more than 100 tutees from tenths of Universities with several reviews strongly recommending me as a tutor. I have wide experience of University material regarding programming with a focus on core Python and Java and have successfully assisted in meeting University requirements and student targets. I am highly qualified with a 1st-class BSc(Hons) degree in Computer Science, an MA in Education and Technology from, the globally top ten University, UCL and Qualified Teacher Status.

What I manage to quickly develop is an effective, collaborative, and caring relationship with the tutee. My tuition attitude is inclusive, holistic, motivating & engaging including interactive, collaborative, and challenging activities honing higher-order thinking skills. My methodology incorporates technologically-enhanced and personalised techniques. What is more, I offer honest & constructive feedback to tutees and assist them in the execution of several practical issues. I show diligence, flexibility, and reliability throughout my practice. Finally, I demonstrate a kind, friendly, and approachable character, and consider University studies and coding skills of high importance.

2 Responses to “Alexandros’ Tuition”

  1. sadwhale

    Extremely uncooperative. I purchased a 1 hour private lesson with Alexandros. He showed up to it 10 minutes late and would not extend the lesson by 10 minutes to make up for it. We did not learn much, as he did not explain things well to me and seemed to be frustrated / discomforted when I didn’t understand things he was saying. Personally, this session was a waste of time for me. I suggest looking for another programming tutor, there are 100s others out there. Do not risk your money or waste your time with this person.

  2. treeboy100

    Hello, I have purchased one of these private tutoring lessions a few days ago. The quality of the session was very poor I must say, the educator did not engage with me properly and often times ignoring me or was rude when answering questions I had about Python, and when he did answer questions he seemed really reluctant to answer like he would rather be doing something else.
    Furthermore, I feel strongly that the sessions I had purchased were not worth the amount I paid, as I cannot say with confidence I learned anything at all. I wish the best to this tutor, and I would like this review to motivate you to be more interactive with your future students. Best of wishes.

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