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I  am an 11+ tutor based in Collingham, Newark. £20/hr.

The 11+ can be daunting especially to begin with, but with motivation and practice you will see your child grow in confidence. The most important part of tutoring is that your child enjoys what they are learning and leaves the session with a smile and a sense of accomplishment.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Asian Studies from the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) and have lived in England since 2000.

*3 years working for the Japanese Ministry of Education teaching English to secondary school students in Shimane Prefecture, as well as weekly visits to special needs schools. Organised several English Camps and Adult Language Learning Courses. Private English Language tutoring.

*2 years as Head of English Language Department at NACOS International Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii. Created course syllabuses for individuals and groups, supervising of teachers and some translation work.

*One year as an assistant teacher working primarily with a special needs student.

If you as a parent are paying for a private tutor, then your child should have my total attention and also a personalised plan that is flexible depending on their progress. The 11+ exams are a blend of maths, vocabulary and logic problems. In general, there are certain question types that tend to be on the tests. Your child will learn how to approach the questions types, along with the vocabulary and math skills needed. Progress will be charted and underlying issues with certain problem types will be assessed, noted and revised more often. Parents are encouraged to ask questions or address concerns, and I will keep them updated with the progress. 

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    Lincolnshire 11+ entrance exams (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning). Now taking students for Sept 2019.

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  • : Nottinghamshire

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