11+ Entrance Exams (specialising in Maths)

I am a very friendly and experienced tutor specialising in tutoring the maths 11+. I also tutor all the 11+ entrance exams including: maths, English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and interviews. My main job is an assistant engineer/project manager for a large global design and engineering company. My job requires strong Maths and English on a daily basis. I also have A Level maths and GCSE maths.

I went to James Allen’s Girls’ School which is currently ranked 3rd in the league tables. http://www.best-schools.co.uk/uk-school-league-tables/gcse-grades/ and there I received 11 A*/A GCSEs and excellent A Level results too.

I have experience tutoring two boys for their 11+ in maths and English and am currently tutoring one girl in her 11+ maths. I specialise in getting the child into top private schools and currently have 100% success rate.

I tutor in London, predominantly South West/East and Wandsworth.

I charge between £10.50-26.50 an hour depending on which package you want (price variable on materials+homework/location/hours worked/number of children tutored at once).

I will either tutor in your house or in Lavender Hill Library (closing times – Mon/Tues/Wed 8 pm, Thurs-closed, Fri 6 pm, Weekend 5 pm) or other local libraries. I finish work at 5:30pm so am able to tutor after 6pm, or any time at the weekends.


Please get in touch via phone or email: eljmmiverity@hotmail.co.uk

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    11+ English, 11+ Maths, 11+ Entrance Exams

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