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    Product Details
    Model No.: EM1006T-16

    Technical data
    -Rated Voltage: 230V/~50Hz
    -Rated Power: 1600W/1800W
    -Oil tank Capacity: 120ml
    –No Load Speed : 7250rpm±10%
    -Chain Pitch: 3/8”
    -Bar Length: 14”/16”
    -Maximum Cutting Length : 33.50 / 37.50 cm
    -Cutting Speed : 13.50 m/sec
    Product description
    The easy to use Electric Chainsaw is designed to balance weight and power. Automatic Chain Lubrication System keeps the chain system well lubricated and features a low kick-back guide bar for safe cutting. With cutting length, the Electric Chainsaw with is engineered to balance power, flexibility, safety, and ease-of-use.
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