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    About Us
    Our History
    We specialize in making polyester staple fibers since 1983. We mainly manufacture 0.7Den to 40Den, 3mm to 190mm, 100% virgin and recycled, hollow and solid, raw white and any other colored polyester staple fibers. The fibers are sold very popular in United States, England, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil, Colombia and many other countries. Since 2017,we have already established our new factory manufacturing 7Den/15Den x 32mm/64mm hollow conjugated silicon or non-siliconized polyester staple fiber in Thailand.

    Our Product
    Polyester staple fiber, bicomponent fiber, low melt fiber, pillow making machine.

    Product Application
    Polyester staple fiber, bicomponent fiber, low melt fiber is for non-woven cloth, ring spun yarn, open end yarn, filling material, pillow, bedding, sofa, furniture.
    Pillow making machine is to manufacture pillow.

    Production Market
    Local market, United States, Japan, England, Canada, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, etc.

    Our Service
    We have been putting our eyes to every inquiry and every E-mail with a big pleasure. Usually we fast our working, and reply to our customers within 1 day. We often offer our best price and suggest our customers to see our sample firstly, and meanwhile prepare the sample for them. Once they agree the sample, we will seal up the sample for safekeeping. For every order, our production department is always paying most attention to make the same quality as the sample within 3-7days from the date of advance payment. Our quality controlling department especially test the quality three times every day and night. If it is a bad quality, we will take it away and never ship it to our customers. We accept to withdraw it back and compensate for customers’ losses. China Low Melt Fiber suppliers