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    Product description of Metal Pipe End Forming Machine
    It adopt hydraulic drive with microcomputer control system, which ensure smooth operation. Automatic pipe end forming machine has movable pedal switch with automatic starting, emergency stop and continuous operation. It is the ideal pipe end forming machinery in expanding, shaping and reducing functions.
    Product specification of Metal Pipe End Forming Machine
    Max.adapted pipeϕ38×2.0tϕ60×2.0tϕ80×2.0tϕ100×2.0t
    Max.working distance110mm110mm120mm150mm
    Max.oil pressure14Mpa14Mpa14Mpa14Mpa
    Working speed100mm in 3-4sec100mm in 4-5sec100mm in 5-6sec100mm in 6-7sec

    Product applications of Metal Pipe End Forming Machine
    The molds of machine are simple and convenient for replacement and also easy to flexible production, adapted to many industries such as auto parts, sanitary equipment, industrial supplies and so on.

    Product detail pictures of Metal Pipe End Forming Machine
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