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    Radio clock movements:
    Shaft length 14.5mm
    Movement size: 90 * 65.5 * 18.5mm
    Receiving frequency range: 77.5KHz 68.5KHz
    Automatically receive the letter every day: 12 times / day
    Antenna: Ferrite core built-in
    22:00 pm to 6:00 the next day to automatically open the signal reception
    Radio clock movement Crystal frequency: 32.768KHz
    Average daily difference: ± 1 second / day, called a second-class movement
    Movement Power: 1.5v Battery Specifications: AA (5) battery is oftenused in our daily life to buy the battery is very convenient, this section of the radio clock movement consumes very low, a battery canbe used for 1 year.

    Radio Controlled Clock Movement