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    Oil cylinder or hydraulic cylinder a linear movement actuator which output force is directly proportional to the effective area of piston and the pressure difference on both sides. Its function is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Hydraulic cylinder’s inputs include fluid flow and pressure, and the outputs include linear movement speed and force. The piston of hydraulic cylinder can accomplish linear reciprocating motion, and the output linear displacement is limited. Hydraulic cylinder is an energy conversion device used to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy for reciprocating linear motion. Hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of cylinder barrel, cylinder head, piston and piston rod, sealing device, buffer device and exhaust device. Buffer device and exhaust device are adopted depending on the specific applications, but the other devices are necessary.
    Single-acting cylinder refers to the type of cylinder that depends on oil pressure for realizing motion in one direction and returns under the action of dead weight or spring or other extern`2321al force. This type of cylinder is designed with two chambers, one of which is filled with oil, while the other is in contact with air.
    Double-acting cylinder means both chambers are filled with oil and motion in both directions is realized by oil pressure.
    Q1:Can your products be customized?
    We are specialized in cylinder, piston rod and cylinder barrel with an experience of about 10 years. We have a strong designing team, so any conventional product can be customized.
    Q2:What about the after-sale services?
    We provide 12 months quality warranty after dispatch. We also offer long-time technical advisory services.
    Q3.What about the transpotation?
    We can take any type of transpotation according to the customer’s demand.
    Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.
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