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    Product Introduction
    Handing robots are industrial robots that can be automated for handing operations. JHY company studies the handing robot field, and pushes handing robot with payload: 3kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 20kg, 165kg to the market. At present, more than 2000 handing robots are used in automatic assembly line, palletizing, container and so on.
    Product Parameters
    End of arm toolPose RepeatabilityPower CapacityAmbient EnvironmentWeightPayload
    According to application±0.031.1KVA0~45℃20~80%RH60kg3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 165kg
    Product Details
    JHY company’s handing robot is a high-tech in the field of modern automatic control, which involves the academic areas of mechanic, mechanology, hydraulic air pressure technology. We can design the end of arm tool to help customers to automate their production.
    Product Qualification
    Delivery And Shipment
    Delivery time is 40 working days, transport mode: shipping priority, air transport secondly. Packing with wooden case.
    After Sale Service
    We have dealers almost every country. If a company wants to be our qualified dealer, they need at least 20 years experience in automation field. And it is a must need to send at least 2 engineers come to China to have a train. Training duration is about two weeks.
    Our dealers need store consumables for the robot to assure use of robot.
    Q. Are your handing robot similar with scara robots?
    A. NO, they are different, our handing robot has six axis or four axis. Scara has only four axis.
    Q. What’s the payload mean?
    A. That means, the max weight a robot can handing, if the payload is over nominal payload, robot will can afford it. It will break up.
    Q. Do you have three color which will tell worker the state of robot?
    A. Yes, you can connect the signal light through IO interface.
    Q. What’s voltage of signal light?
    A. 24V.
    Q. Do you have visual tracking during handing work?
    A. You can choose this function for your handing robot.Multi-function Robot manufacturers