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    Shenzhen Kingda Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional SMT,DIP,PCB Assembly manufacture in China锛寃ith 10 years’ development锛孋ompany factory building area 4000 square, Cooperation customers up to 500锛宼he main market is in Europe, South America, southeast Asia and Australia.
    As a Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider Kingda focus on delivering excellent manufacturing service to industrial automotive, medical, telecommunications, consumer, traffic, Automotive components etc.
    Kingda provide the turnkey services including research and development 锛圧&D锛夛紝PCB layout锛孭CB manufacturing锛孭CB assembly manufacturing锛孭CBA SMT锛宐uild锛宼esting.
    With a high-quality development team and professional electronic BOM purchasing supply chain锛寃e focus on reducing customer costs, speeding products to market and helping gain a competitive edge.
    Kingda has the ability to build 2-64 layer multilayer board designs produced and Mass production, High Performance Materials, Buried Capacitance, Hybrid Applications, Buried Resistors. HDI. We have 1000銕?perday production capability.
    PCB capability
    NOIteCraft Capacity
    2Base Material for PCBFR4, CEM-1,TACONIC, Aluminium, High Tg Material, High frequency ROGERS ,TEFLON, ARLON, Halogen-free Material
    3Rang of finish baords Thickness0.21-7.0mm
    4Max size of finish board900MM*900MM
    5Minimum Line width3mil (0.075mm)
    6Minimum Line space3mil (0.075mm)
    7Min space between pad to pad3mil (0.075mm)
    8Minimum hole diameter0.10 mm
    9Min bonding pad diameter10mil
    10Max proportion of drilling hole and board thickness1:12.5
    Finishing TreatmentHASL (Tin-Lead Free), ENIG(Immersion Gold), Immersion Silver , Gold Plating (Flash Gold), OSP, etc.
    12Solder maskGreen, White, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, transparent photosensitive solder mask, Strippable soldermask.
    13Minimum thickness of solder mask10um
    14Color of silk-screenWhite, Black, Yellow etc.
    15E-Testing100% E-Testing (High Voltage Testing); Flying Probe Testing
    16Other testImpedanceTesting,Resistance Testing, Microsection etc.,
    18Special technological requirementBlind Buried Vias and High Thickness copper
    19Thickness of Copper0.5-14oz (18-490um)
    PCB lead time
    LayerQuick Turn/Usual TimeMass production
    2L24hours/ 4-5days8-10days
    4L48hours/ 6-7days10-12days
    6L72hours/ 7-8days12-14days
    8L72hours/ 8-10days16-18days
    10L96hours/ 12-14days18-20days
    Kingda have 6 high-speed production line锛孌IP line and 2 box build line. And equipped with AOI, XRAY, SPI, intelligent first tester. We have 10million point perday production capability.
    PCB Assembly Capability
    Minimum IC Pitch0.2mm
    Maximum PCB size1200x 500mm
    Minimum PCB thickness0.25mm
    Minimum chip size:0201 (0.2×0.1)/0603 (0.6 x 0.3mm)
    Maximum BGA size:74x74mm
    BGA ball pitch:1.00mm (minimum), 3.00mm (maximum)
    BGA ball diameter:0.40mm (minimum), 1.00mm (maximum)
    QFP lead pitch:0.38mm (minimum), 2.54mm (maximum)
    Volume:One piece to low volume production quantities
    Low cost first article builds
    Schedule deliveries
    Assembly type:Surface mount(SMT) assembly
    DIP assembly
    Mixed(surface mount and through hole) technology
    Single or double sided placement
    Cable assembly
    Components type:Passive components:
    As small as 0402 package
    As small as 0201 with design review
    Ball Grid Arrays(BGA):
    As small as .5mm pitch
    Parts procurements:Turnkey(we supply the parts)
    Consigned(you supply the parts)
    You supply some parts, we do the rest
    Solder type:Leaded
    Lead-free/ROHS complian
    Other capabilities:Repair/rework services
    Mechanical assembly
    Box build
    Mold and plastic injection.
    Our research and development team, focus on the MCU system research and development, to provide stable and cost control of the overall solution.
    Kingda has strong quality control capability, Our production manufacture process strictly comply with ISO9001, ISO13485, IS0140001 quality system, keep on staff training, QC and QA inspect every process of production.
    Our Supplier Chain
    Our customer
    Our Certification China Round Led Light Drive Power Pcb Assembly manufacturers