• lolpv126 posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Steel/Metal pallet is widely used in everywhere, such as factory, warehouse, industrial, workshop, supermarket, etc. Because of its durable and strong advantages, it would gradually replace wooden pallet and plastic pallet market.
    Nowadays Steel / Metal pallet is often used with racking system.
    Powder painted steel pallet has many colors you can choose.
    Customers can book several colors they want. But plastic pallet and wooden pallet can not fulfill this.
    Steel / Metal pallet make it possible to hold much heavy stacks. Loads with pallets under them can be handled
    by forklift trucks, or even by hand-pumped and hand-drawn pallet jacks.
    1. It is much more Stackable, Cleanable, Durable, and Stronger.
    2. We can make both Two-way and Four-way pallet
    3. It would be safe to use Steel/Metal pallet, because of its fire proof, Moisture and Liquid proof
    4. Not easy to be broken, and it is Repairable, and low maintenanceStorage Equipment quotation