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    This diamond wire saw cutting machine for marble or marble quarrying wire saw machine cut for stone is be widely used for quarrying and dressing all kinds of marble.
    * Good performance for cutting big-size blocks without inner break
    * No vibration while cutting
    * Low noise
    * Excellent precision
    * High cutting speed
    * Energy consumption reduced to the minimum
    Attentions for The Diamond Wire Cutting on Stationary Machines
    *Regular inspections of diamond wire self rotation and make adjustment in time.
    *Regular inspections of diamond wire abrasion to avoid cut-in-one-side problem happened, once it happens, make the solution in time.
    * Regular inspections the joint, as well as the beads of two sides, if they are abrade badly, replaces them in time.
    *The steel cable tension of the stationary machines should be controlled within 250-300kg(φ4-5mm).
    *Linear speed is changed according to the different hardness of stones.
    *For the new wire, when start to cut, its linear speed should be slower 2-3m/s than the standard mentioned above, it is good for sharpen.
    *Water consumption is around 15-25L/min.
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