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    This is Grade AAAAA, our best crystal hot fix rhinestones. Our AB color is use China’s best AB material. It is shining, beautiful and keep long time.
    Crystal AB Rhinestone Hot Fix looks sparkle with colorful light. It is good color for dancewear, evening dress and other apparel.
    We have stock, small order is available with quick deliver.
    What is the difference from our 5A hot fix stones for other quality.
    For rhinestone, a little difference need much higher cost.
    Here is 4 point to shows: clean Face, Thinner Edge, less Inferior stone & strong glue, and Stable quality.
    Our Stone face more tidy —
    1. super glass material & Strict quality control.
    2. Chinese Best AB plating keeping longer time.
    3. Use best heat glue.
    Our stone edge thinner —
    1. thinner edge better to use and fix.
    2. thinner edge need high technology and more wastage through production.
    Our glue is the best one — 5A Rhinestones Hot Fix with the best glue.
    Our stone quality much more stable —
    1. Stable quality need strict quality control with more wastage and cost through production.
    2. Other factory produce stone sometimes good but sometimes no, while they sell bad one as usual. So they can save cost and make price cheap.
    Our Grade 5A iron on stones crystal AB color is super shiny with clean and strong glue. Consumers will like it, so that you can have good selling.
    Size Information
    SizeDiameter MMSmall Paper PackingBig Polybags packingStock Deliver 3 Days:
    SS31.3-1.4MM10GROSS = 1440PCS2000GROSS = 288000PCSOnly Crystal
    SS41.5-1.6MM10GROSS = 1440PCS2000GROSS = 288000PCSCrystal and AB
    SS51.7-1.8MM10GROSS = 1440PCS1000GROSS = 144000PCSOnly Crystal
    SS61.9-2.0MM10GROSS = 1440PCS1000GROSS = 144000PCSMost in Color Chart
    SS82.3-2.4MM10GROSS = 1440PCS800GROSS = 115200PCSCrystal and AB
    SS102.7-2.9MM10GROSS = 1440PCS500GROSS = 72000PCSMost in Color Chart
    SS123.0-3.2MM10GROSS = 1440PCS300GROSS = 43200PCSCrystal and AB
    SS163.8-4.0MM10GROSS = 1440PCS200GROSS = 28800PCSMost in Color Chart
    SS204.6-4.8MM10GROSS = 1440PCS100GROSS = 14400PCSMost in Color Chart
    SizeDiameter MMSmall Paper PackingBig Polybags packingStock Deliver 3 Days:
    SS306.3-6.5MM2GROSS = 288PCS5OGROSS = 7200PCSMost in Color Chart
    SS347.03-7.5MM2GROSS = 288PCS30GROSS = 4320PCSCrysal and Crystal AB
    SS408.2-8.6MM1GROSS = 144PCS25GROSS = 3600PCSCrystal and Crystal AB
    Remark: Other color which have no stock need order with bulk qty. Different size different mini qty. pls contact with us before you order.
    Color Chart
    1. Most color on ss6, ss10, ss16, ss20, ss30 have stock.
    2. ss3, ss5 only have crystal stock. ss4, ss8, ss12, ss34, ss40 have crystal and ab on stock
    3. C340, C341, C338 have no stock for some size. Bulk order need relevant qty. For other size and color, pls contact with us.
    4. Same Price Color Series:
    Series 1. jet, black diamond, light colorado topaz, topaz, smoked topaz, jonquil, olivine, indicolite, peridot, emerald, blue zircon, capri blue, aquamarine, light sapphire, sapphire, light amethyst, amethyst, tanzanite.
    Series 2. light siam, siam, coffe, hyacinth, citrine, montana, garnet
    Series 3. Fuchsia, Rose, Lt. Rose, Lt. Peach, White Opague, Light Burgundy, Burgundy.
    Series 4. Crystal AB, Dorado, Jet Hematite, Light Hematite, Labrador.
    Seires 5. light rose, violet, crystal cosmojet, crystal volcano.
    About Shipment: If you qty is less than 100kg, we suggest use express always. We will check each time with suitable and cheapest express for you.
    About Payment: paypal, t.t, western union is available.
    For other information, welcome to contact with us.
    Question 1: Why You Choose Our Stone:
    Answer 1: Our stone is brilliant top quality and price is competitive.
    Raluxy 5A Stone is Excellent Designers’ Choice — the top quality make your works much more amazing. You can enjoy your style and save cost for each work.
    Raluxy Stone is Consumer’s Choice — the shining blingbling makes you fascinating when you wear which you diy.
    Raluxy Stone is wholesalers’ choice — the price is almost 10 times less but the quality is similiar. You can get big profit through the sales.
    Raluxy Stone is factories’ choice — save your cost through production of charming woman shoes, lady dress, bags, wedding dress, evening dress, etc. Best Hotfix Rhinestones