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    ➢ Three spectral imaging design, with advantage of visible light imaging clearly, thermal imaging camera detecting far and laser night vision range large
    ➢ Adopting continuous zooming thermal imaging technology, imaging clearly, can search in large area and recognize objectives in long distance
    ➢ Infrared detector with high temp sensitivity, with min temp resolution of 50mK
    ➢ Synchronous zooming laser illuminating system, long illuminating distance, large illuminating range, realizing monitoring in 0Lux complete black
    ➢ Day and night low lux 2 megapixels color to black camera, day and night continuous monitoring
    ➢ MCIC multi-tube core fusion mixed mode light homogenization technology, no speckle and dark ring, high edge definition
    ➢ Supporting fog penetration, backlight compensation, multistage wide dynamic
    ➢ Optional auto focusing function, realizing multiple focusing mode and triggering mode
    ➢ Optional thermal imaging camera presetting function, remembering FOV of each preset bit, enhancing working efficiency
    ➢ 3D locating function, can realize frame selection magnifying function and clicking to center function, reducing operating difficulty, enhancing device usability
    ➢ External MMA fine adjustment mechanism, no need to disassemble to complete laser alignment adjustment
    ➢ Professionally designed shell, firm, anti-high temp, anti-corrosion, water proof, anti-acid rain
    Technical data:
    Monitoring distanceVisible light cameraDay vision 8~10km, night vision 4~5km (object: human)
    Thermal imaging cameraObjectHuman (1.8m×0.5m)Vehicle (2.3m×2.3m)
    Visible light camera lensFocal length16.7~1000mm
    Auto irisDC drive
    2× extenderSupporting
    Fog penetratingSupporting
    Auto focusSupporting
    Visible light cameraSensor1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
    Color modeICR double filter, day & night switch
    Shutter speedAuto and manual adjustment
    Camera controlAuto gain control, auto white balance, supporting manual and auto day & night mode switch
    Fog penetratingOpen/Close is optional
    WDROpen/Close is optional
    BLCOpen/Close is optional; range is optional
    ROISupporting Open/Close, range is optional
    Back focus fine adjustmentSupporting, can remotely debug
    Noise reduction3D digital noise reduction
    Code formatH.264/MJPEG/MPEG4
    Video resolution1080p, supporting three stream
    Video code rate32Kbps~16Mbps
    Video frame rate50Hz: 25fps (1920×1080), 25fps (1280×720)
    60Hz: 30fps (1920×1080), 30fps (1280×720)
    Title overlayLogo, date, time
    Image adjustmentBrightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness etc.
    FeaturesSupporting heartbeat, video cover, code protection
    Laser lensFocal length60× zoom laser telephoto lens
    Illuminating angle0.3°~18° continuous change
    CoatingMulti-layer near-infrared anti-reflection coating
    PresetPrecise potentiometer voltage feedback
    Zoom mode3CAM cam-gearing mode, high coaxiality
    Optical axis adjustmentExternal MMA fine adjustment mechanism
    Laser illuminatorPower15W
    Wave length810nm
    Laser power switchAuto/Manual control
    Laser uniformityMCIC light uniformity technology
    SealSeal with nitrogen inside
    Hear dissipationArray air-cooled conduction
    Infrared lensFocal length40~200mm
    FOV3.1°×2.5°~15.5 °×12.4°
    Spatial resolution0.09~0.42mrad
    Lens controlElectric zoom, electric focus, auto focus
    DetectorDetector typeUncooled microbolometer focal plane array (VOx)
    Spectrum range8~14μm
    NETD≤ 50mK@F1.0,300K
    Frame frequency25Hz
    Nonuniformity correctionAuto/manual/background correction
    Image processDDE, pseudo color
    Video outputPAL
    Laser range finderMax range10km (In the mode of mid-latitudes atmosphere, T=20℃, relative humidity 70%, 1 standard atmospheric pressure, horizontal visibility > 23.5km)
    Min range100m
    Repetition frequency0.2Hz
    GPSAntennaBuilt in
    sensibility-165 dBm
    Precision5 m
    Location speedUnder open sky conditions
    Hot start 1 s
    Warm start 35 s
    Cold start 38 s
    recapture <1 s
    Height< 18,000 m
    Speed< 515 m/s
    Acceleration< 4 g
    PantiltLoad50kg (top mounted)
    Pan angle360°, continuous rotation
    Tilt angle-45°~+45°
    Pan speed0.01°~ 12°/s
    Tilt speed0.01°~8°/s
    Preset precision±0.1°
    Auto cruise8 path, 10 presets each path
    Auto line scan1 path
    Communication protocolPelco-D、Pelco-P optional
    Bit rate2400/4800/9600/19200 bps optional
    Size326mm×206mm×380mm (L×W×H)
    Anti-lightningPower supply 4000V, video signal 2000V
    Overall unit interfacePower interfaceDC30V
    Network interface1×10Base-T/100Base-TX RJ45
    Other interfacesRS422、BNC
    Environment indicatorsWorking temperature-25℃~+55℃
    Storage temperature-40℃~+65℃
    Anti-salt fogComply with GB/T2423.17-2008
    Power supplyOverall unit power supplyDC30V, equipped with AC220V~DC30V/10A wide range water-proof power adapter
    Overall unit power consumption≤180W
    Physical featuresWeight≤58kg
    InstallationOutdoor pedestal mounted
    Effect demo
    Workshop & Laboratoryhyperspectral imaging camera price