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    The main sections of the leaching workshop are leaching system, evaporation system, condensation system and tail gas recovery system. The main principle is to extract the oil from the embryo with suitable solvent, and then remove the solvent from the mixture. The mixed oil produced by the leaching process designed by our company does not contain any chemical solvent, and directly removes the tail gas, which is conducive to environmental protection.
    Technological characteristics of leaching section:
    1. Using negative pressure evaporation, the oil yield is high and the quality of the cake is good.
    2. The design capacity of the leacher is large, which is conducive to increasing output, increasing benefits and reducing costs.
    3. The design of leaching system can be adjusted freely according to different materials and required output and process effect, which is simple and reliable.
    4. Unique tail gas absorption system, environmentally friendly and efficient;
    5. Full energy-saving design, multiple utilization of heat energy, saving steam consumption, energy saving and low consumption.
    Applicable fields of leaching section: pre-pressed cake, machine-pressed cake, germ flakes, extruded materials, all low oil-containing materials.
    Scale: 20-5000T/D
    1. Q: Which raw materials are suitable for leaching equipment?
    A锛歅eanut, cottonseed, sunflower seed, rapeseed, soybean, corn germ, rice bran, etc.
    2. Q: What is the input capacity of your machine?
    A: 5-2000 tons per day. The input capacity is customized according to your plan or requirements.
    3. What is the warranty period for the machine?
    12 months free warranty, life-long standard paid service.
    4. Question: What is the material of your machine?
    A: Stainless steel and carbon steel.
    5. Q: I have a site now, but it needs to be built. Can you help me design the equipment for placing it? At the same time, the factory plan is given.
    A: We’ll give you the layout of the equipment in CAD format. We can design for you in the workshop, but we can’t design for you outside the workshop, because we are not a construction company and can’t give you very professional design in the field of architecture.
    6. Q: What is the mode of transport of goods?
    A: In general, it is container shipping.
    7. Q: How to trust your company’s products?
    A: Henan Jinxing Grain and Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. originated from Henan Road Rating Machinery Factory of China. It is one of the earliest plants of vegetable oil equipment in modern China. Our general manager served as a technical manager in the company at that time. Later, due to the Chinese system, the general manager took the technicians to start his own business. Our company has the most professional production workers and the most advanced technology, as well as research and development team. We can design and complete vegetable oil production process and equipment according to different requirements of customers, and ensure low energy consumption and high efficiency.Leaching Equipment manufacturers