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    Product Name Brake pads
    Size Standard
    Material Steel
    Car Application Chery A11,A12,A13,A15,A21,S11,S12
    Place of Origin China
    Delivery Port Dalian
    Certification ISO9001/TS16949
    Max. Production Capacity 10000Piece/Pieces per Month
    Samples Charge

    1. Standard Exporting package
    2. Original package or neutral package
    3. According to clients ‘ needs
    4. Shipped in10-35 days after payment

    A. SASO for K.S.A
    B. CIQ for Egypt, Ethiopia
    C. COO, certified CI for Egypt, Argentina
    D. Form A for European countries
    E. Form E for Malaysia
    F. Form F for Chile
    G. COC for Algeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Hatti, Nigeria

    Under dry continuous braking, friction coefficients for all non-commercial brake pad materials including the CMB were insensitive to the type of brake pad materials. In addition, all brake pad materials showed a slight increase in the friction coefficients (5–19%) with increasing pressure or speed. Meanwhile, the wear rates were substantially dependent on the type or ingredient of brake pad materials and the pressure. Conversely, under wet sliding condition, the friction coefficients were decreased by a factor of 2. Moreover, no evidence of HD water film could be evidenced as the measured friction coefficient values were in the order of dry friction. Thus, the wet results suggested that the friction behaviour was influenced by factors other than HD film, and the values of friction coefficient were in the range of dry friction, mixed and boundary lubrication friction. Qualitative assessment of the SEM morphologies of brake pad surfaces showed that tribofilms were easily formed in dry braking and hardly formed in wet braking. Besides, all brake pad rubbing surfaces showed contact plateaus “patches” and disintegrations of various sizes and locations depending on the braking condition. Furthermore, the removal of material was associated with either mechanical crushing action performed by entrapped wear debris or due to disintegration of plateaus which were accelerated by spraying the water. S12 Kimo Arauca Ego J1 manufacturers